Crusty Bloody nose...what Do I Do??

Updated on August 26, 2009
G.C. asks from Stevens, PA
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Hi, maybe some of you have had the same thing go on w/ yourselves or your kids. My son, who is now 5, has seasonal allergies and the med prescribed by the allergist worked nicely for the most part, but didn't help w/ the crusty, bloody dry nose he always seems to have. Let's just say we've tried a lot of things and nothing seems to help. We've tried humidifier over winter (the air in our home gets very dry), saline spray, vaseline, and even steroid nasal spray prescribed by the allergist. the only thing that really seemed to help was the steroid spray, but in reading about it, it wasn't recommended for prolonged usage, so i don't want to go back to it. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated, especially since he starts kindergarten next week ...and the nose is somewhat unsightly at times. Thanks in advance ladies!

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answers from Philadelphia on

Dear G.,
Antihistimes will shrink sinus membranes and help to stop the blood. You might want to add more fruit to his diet to see if that will help.
Also, because the sinus membranes are moist and slippery, you might want to add more vegetable/fish oils to his diet. I know that it helped me. Good luck with you boys!


answers from Allentown on

Hi G.,

I would get a second opinion from an EENT, Ear, Eyes, Nose and Throat Doctor.

Secondly, I would seek out a Manual Lymph Drainage Massage Therapist in your local area.

Hope this helps. Good luck. D.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Water, water, and more water. That is the best thing. I used to have the same thing and the trick is drinking lots and lots of water, in addition to keeping things as humid as possible, and making sure he is being very gentle when he blows.



answers from Sharon on

My son was having tonnes of nosebleeds. We used to live in the west so it was very dry and much worse there. We took him to an ear, nose and throat specialists who told us that his blood vessels were enlarged and if his suggestions didn't work he would cortorize the blood vessels.

He gave us saline to spray three times a day and an antibiotic ointment that is actually used for eyes to put in his nose three times a day. Not sure if you have tried this that frequently. Something else I did was to make sure he was drinking more water.

All these worked for me and now we hardly have to do anything. I really think drinking more water made the final difference for us as his nose was constantly dry. You may want to see an ear, nose and throat specialists.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I would say to use the humidifier in his room all night every night.
My son's nose gets really really crusty (TMI, I know!) with boogies and it's the only thing that seems to help, but you gotta do it each & every night & I get it running about an hour before he goes to bed. Good luck! Poor little guy.

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