Cruising with a 4 Year Old

Updated on May 29, 2008
G.L. asks from Costa Mesa, CA
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This August I will be going on an Alaskan cruise with my 4 year old daughter, husband and mother-in-law. I have never been on a cruise let alone with my daughter. She has flown several times so I am not worried about that portion of the trip. I would love to year your experiences of things to expect, what would help me prepare and any other advice for the cruise. It is a 12 day trip with 7 on sea and 5 on land. I am looking forward but would feel better if I was a little perpared.
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answers from Los Angeles on

I am a travel agent and I arranged an Alaskan cruise for my girlfriend and her family. She just came back and her 4 year old daughter did so well. She did not even needed to take any anti-seesick medicine (but bring it anyway) even though there were nights that were choppy. Her daughter had so much fun because it was something new and she was so distracted. As for dinner time, I highly recommend bringing a portable DVD player so the adults can enjoy a long meal. Please make sure to take the Glacier is a must see. Also, make sure to bring a medicine bag for your daughter because if you need to see the doctor on board for any reason, it will be quite expensive.

Have lots of fun! Alaska is amazing. I was just there last Aug.

BTW, the next time you book a trip, visit my site, and book with me. :) The prices are really competitive to Expedia and Travelocity.




answers from Los Angeles on

I took my daughter when she was 3. She was still napping so we had a mandatory break in the day where we went to the cabin and she slept. We had an inside cabin which made napping easier since it was so dark. Dinner was a little hard because everyone was there to slowly enjoy a meal and my daughter wanted stuff NOW! The good thing is that they can order any and everything off the menu and eat all day long, as kids do. Not a lot for that age to do but we had a good time. We love cruises so we woudl go again. Just remember its a vacation so relax.



answers from San Diego on

Hi G.:

We've cruised with our children, ages 6, 4, 2, 1. Cruising is our vacation of choice because it's easy! I made sure that I brought a few activities for the plane that could carry over to our cabin. That made things easier during down time. A portable DVD player was also helpful when there was nothing appropriate on the TV in the cabin. Check on your cruise's and your specific ship's children's programs. My kids were a mixed bag on the programs. My older two loved the program and got mad when we picked them up. My 2 yo is just a big baby and wants us around all the time. We spent a lot of time at the ship's pool and just walking around. We didn't do much on land but I understand you can leave your daughter in the children's programs to do stuff on land without them. Usually the excursions are family appropriate so you could all go if you like. Have a great time! Alaska sounds like a once in a lifetime adventure!!



answers from Los Angeles on

My daughter was a bit older when we cruised. Nevertheless, she loved the children's programs on holland america. The ladies who ran things were just wonderful. They put so much effort into the activities. If your daughter isn't too fearful of not being with you all the time, she could have a wonderful time there. This is especialy good for the evening activities. Alaska is beautiful, even if you just walk the deck all day. Have a great time!

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