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Updated on April 08, 2009
H.M. asks from Mansfield, TX
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My husband and I are going on our first cruise in May for our 10 year anniversary. It's out of Galveston on a Western Caribbean. Would like any tips or ideas while on the cruise. Thanks!

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answers from Dallas on

Everything costs money so either be prepared to have a big bill at the end of the cruise or be frugal. The drinks on the lido buffet are always free (juice, water, tea) but soft drinks, alcohol, and any of the specialty coffees will cost you. You can bring your own alcohol on board, in limited amounts if you want.

Check out the website, There is a thread specifically for the Conquest or you can find some other info for the Ecstasy if that's the one you are on. You will also gets loads of information on the forum.

The previous poster mentioned the carry on for your final night on the ship but you'll also need some stuff for embarkation day. Once you drop your bags off with the porter it could be a few hours before you see your bags again. It's quite possible you won't have them until after dinner so make sure you have everything you might want that day.

You can get some medications for free at the pursers desk or at the infirmary...asprin, sea sick, etc. On embarkation day, take some time to look at the ship and get familiar with it.

Eat the warm chocolate melting cake at's worth every bite!!



answers from Dallas on

If you drink soda stop by one teh front desk and ask for the $25 soda card.(I think thats what its called). Its a one time charge of 25 and you can get as much soda juice you want. They have buffet all day long, don't full up! Save room for the dinner table!!! Have some money for the end of the trip to tip everyone, They will give you envolpes for you waiter, your Housekeeping and there is two more I cann't think of at this time, sorry.

Don't forget the sunblock!!! Have fun. OH and don't open the water bottle in you room....That will cost you!



answers from Dallas on

Bring a lighted clock, especially if you have an interior room! I just got back from a cruise with my hubby and almost 2 year old- it drove me crazy not knowing if it was morning yet! Also- they generally don't sell sea sick patches on board- bring some just in case waters get rough... bonine might make you drowsy which is miserable and a box of it cost $14 on our ship. I was fine on the ship- but one excursion in cozumel required a 30 minute ferry each way and I was so sick!

pack an overnight bag. The night before you get back they take your luggage for you and you need a bag to put your night clothes and makeup etc in. Also put some colorful string or tags on your luggage so it's easy to find once you get off the ship- the luggage is in a large open room all together and it can take a bit to spot.

Make sure you reserve enough cash to pay your tips in cash at the end of the cruise... the recommended amount or extra was all our cruise line would allow to put on credit- and we wanted to pay a little less (after all we were paying full adult price for our child and we only ate once in the dining room)so had to do it in cash.

Hope you have a wonderful vacation!



answers from Dallas on

The hint to bring cash for the tips is a very good one. The cruise gives you the option to charge your tips, but not the option to set the tips. So if you rarely ate in the dining room, it doesn't matter, you have to tip everyone full amount for all seven days. I was so glad I had cash for tips.
We took our first RC cruise out of Galveston over spring break. The number one thing I wish I'd known in advance was book your own tours in the ports, don't use the cruise ship tours. I know they are convenient but in addition to being highly expensive, you end up standing in a lot of lines waiting around on everyone else and then it's rush rush rush you through everthing to get you back on the ship HOURS before you need to be back there. I talked to other people who did their own thing, or booked their own tours, and it sounded like a better experience and that's what I'll do next time.
Have fun!

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