Croup When Traveling

Updated on May 25, 2010
A.K. asks from Lawrenceville, GA
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My son who is almost 2 years old gets croup when we travel. Every vacation we seem to end up in an urgent care or hospital or dr office. I am just wondering if anyone else has this happens. Just last week we were vacationing in florida and all of a sudden after a nap he woke up wheezing really bad so we went to an Er with a Ped unit because it was after 5pm and dr offices were closed. We stayed overnight doing treatments and ended up leaving with the steroid prednisolone which made him have these gigantic tantrums. He has had croup at home maybe a couple times but seems to go hand in hand with vacation so i am just baffled. Do you just let it be or should I be going to an ENT? He eats everything and never had reactions to any foods. Any tips/advice would be appreciated.

We stayed at a friends house this time. And other times we usually rent a timeshare.

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answers from Columbus on

This happened with my daughter. One thing that helped a lot was to bring a portable air purifier. Just think about how many different people have stayed in the hotel room, not to mention the allergens from a different place. He may not be allergic to foods, but he could be allergic to airborne allergens. Good luck, I know how frustrating and worrying it can be.

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answers from Dallas on

Hi there,
This happened to us everytime we would stay in a hotel, as well.

Some things I did to alleviate the problem...

1. Do not turn the AC on too high and see if you can reach the AC vents to make the direction of the air go up and not directly down on the beds.

2. Spend time each day with your child in the bathroom with the hot shower going- steam. We would do this first thing in the morning and at the end of the day.

By doing these two things, my son has never been sick again at a hotel. It takes a little more effort, but it was worth it to me to not have my son get the croup on vacation anymore.

Best wishes for next time,

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answers from Macon on

He can be allergic to the cleaning products that are used to clean the room that everyone is staying in during the vacation. You need to find a place where everyone can stay without your son becoming allergic to some cleaning product. To have non-allergic cleaning products at home contact me here at Mamapedia. Check out



answers from Portland on

When you say croup are you saying that he has difficulty breathing, coughs, wheezes, that sort of thing. If so, it could by asthma. Asthma can be situational. It can be triggered by something different in his environment; something to which he's not exposed while at home or something to which he's more sensitive because he's away from home. I suggest that you consult with a pediatric specialist who deals with asthma. My granddaughter's allergist also has asthma listed in his office name.

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