Crohn's Disease - Lynchburg,VA

Updated on July 15, 2011
A.H. asks from Lynchburg, VA
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I was diagnosed with Crohn's 15 years ago and up until this last year I have been able to control it with drug therapy and diet changes. Now my doctor says I may need surgery and he thinks I need to try Remicaid to keep it under control. Surgery kind of scares me, but I am really skeptical of the Remicaid. Have any of you moms out there had surgery or know of anyone that has and have any of you taken this medication or know anyone that has? Thanks in advance!

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answers from Philadelphia on

I had a friend that I worked with that has chrons disease. She had the surgery and it has been two years since she had an attack. She still has to take medicine but feels so much better. She can also eat food she could not eat before. I think at this point the pros outweigh the cons. Best of luck



answers from Norfolk on

I have a coworker of mine that has Crohns and she does the remicaid treatmeant about every 5-6 weeks. It seems to really help her with the pains she has. I do know that she had to have a port put in because she was having problems with her veins and that she is hooked up to an iv for a couple of hours to receive the treatment. Once she receives the treatment she is usually tried for about a day. So I think you need to way the pros and cons of both and see what will work best for you and your family. Good Luck



answers from Washington DC on

Hi A. - Like you, I prefer to avoid medication (and surgery) if possible. I take a great supplement that cured my IBS & my GERD. I've seen it help many people with many gastric issues. Did you ever wonder why so many people these days have these types of problems? It can be because we have killed of the good flora in our digestive systems with antibiotics, fluoride & chlorine in the water, etc. A friend of mine swears her Crohn`s was better when she also stopped washing her dishes in chemical cleaners and switched to more natural products. If you'd like more info, let me know. Good luck!


answers from Lansing on

My brother has Crohn's. He has been dealing with it for about 10+ years. He did end up with surgery (about 5-6 years ago) and does not need medication now. However, he still needs to watch what he eats because his Dr told him that eventually those certain foods are still not good for him and depending on the food he does have flare ups. Although, he did get a good chunk of his intestines removed, so its still questionable on how much more can be removed. Once in a great while he will have a flare up, but for the most part is doing good. It might be Remicaid that his Dr suggest a couple years ago when he ended up in the hospital for a flare up, if its the one that has a high risk to cancer, but my brother does not want to take it do to that fact. (But I could be wrong about the name of the drug???)

I think you should really way your options on how you feel vs. the type of things your Dr is telling you, you need. And definitely research it, like you are.



answers from Norfolk on

I know a couple people with crohns. Before you go the surgery route, maybe you want to schedule an acupuncture consult first. It has really helped them....

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