Crib Recall Frustration

Updated on June 30, 2008
A.W. asks from Mount Clemens, MI
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Anybody else out there dealing with the Jardine crib recall situation (apparantly there are 320,000 of us dealing with it!)? What have you been told? I am getting ever changing information from my local Babies 'R Us store and I am really frustrated over the lack of choices for new cribs!

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So What Happened?

Well, with the lack of choices in store, I ended up buying online and I will have to eat the shipping costs. Plus, we really don't like the new cribs as well as we liked our old ones! Sad, sad, sad! I am sending complaints to Babies 'R Us and to Jardine!

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if your son is still using it, you CAN return it to babies r us without a receipt. I work at toys r us, they HAVE to take it back. Talk to a manager, and they will tell you to bring a certain part of the crib in, then they have to call loss prevention and get the okay and they will swap the crib out for you :)



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Thank you for posting this question! I didn't know about the recall and we own one of these cribs. We don't use it anymore as our son is almost 5 years old. But, we have older children so we kept the crib in anticipation of having grandchildren sooner rather than later.


They will send you a package with instructions on how to get a voucher for a replacement. Hopefully it will be as easy as they make it sound.


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Yes...I'm frustrated too... I am worried too about the choices of cribs. I am sure we won't be able to find one as nice as the one we had.



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Hi there

I have a Jardine crib but my model number was not recalled. If your frustrated with Babies R Us maybe you should go directly to the source. Jardine themselves.

Crib Styles:
- Berkley
- Hilton
- Positano
- Spindle
- Windsor

Only the Following Crib Model Numbers are Included:
BC-23, BC-36B, BC-36G, BC-36P, BC-007, BC-010, BC-010C, BC-010HP, BC-010W, BC-017, BC-107C, BC-107CR, BC-110C, BC-110HP BC-110W, DA617BC, DA620BC, DV730N, DV730W, DA770BC, DV830-N, DV830-W, 0113B00, 0113K00, 0303C00, 0303G00, 0303B00, 0309K00



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Thank you so much for posting this. It was bought for me as a present so I haven't rec'd any info. on this until your inquiry today. Now I am registered and awaiting instructions. I wish you could return the whole set though. We bought as a set so my son would have nice furniture to grow up with and now it's going to be mix matched hodge podge, like his parents have. But most important is that he is safe. I am a very paranoid mom. So You don't know how much I appreciate you posting this so that my son stays safe and sound.
Thank you,

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