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Updated on April 06, 2013
S.B. asks from Encino, CA
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Hello Moms -
I am looking for a mobile for a nursery and would love some recommendations - something that sounds good, looks good, and plays music and turns the mobile for more than a couple of minutes. The nursery colors are pink and green; I would love something with flowers, birds, or butterflies.
BTW - I had been thinking of making my own mobile to hang from the ceiling, but am concerned that the legnth of the strings could be a huge hazard if the mobile falls. Anyone have experience with homemade mobiles?

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answers from Los Angeles on

Yes I just made a mobile to go over my baby's crib when he's born in May. I couldn't find anything online or in the stores that matched his custom bedding so I did it myself. It turned out beautifully.
It doesn't spin or play music but I feel like there's enough other stuff that does that. I didn't make the strings super long, and once it's hung from the ceiling it will be high enough up. Also when he gets older his crib will be set lower so that he won't be able to reach it.
If you want to know how I made it or see pics, message me.

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answers from New York on

I have three kids. For my first I got the mobile that matched the bedding set. After about 2 months I found that the only thing I did with it as dust it and yell at my husband for hitting it every time he put the baby in the crib. LOL While they are cute, I think they are not that functional. When the babies are little enough to lay still and "watch" it, their vision isn't always good enough to see it. Once they are big enough to really look at it, they are able to sit up and grab it. With my kids, I had a CD player in their rooms and played a CD for them while they fell asleep. I had a great CD called For Our Children. I highly recommend the CD!!! It is all popular singers singing great lullabies. It was a nice CD because it wasn't the normal "tingy" sounding lullaby misic, so it wasn't torture to listen to it in the monitor. Plus the money made from the sale of the CD goes to pediatric AIDS research.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I know you want a mobile but after buying two for the first two kids I've found that it's just a waste. If you make it, enjoy making a beautiful piece of art for your child. Just don't go out and waste your money on one.

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answers from Atlanta on

Through lots of kids, the cutsey-kind of mobiles are pointless. For me the, mobile was a godsend and could amuse baby for a long while. But I had the mobile where it was battery operated, played for 30 minutes, and came with a remote that I could turn it on from the doorway so baby didn't see me.

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answers from Syracuse on

I had the classic winnie the pooh mobile from target, nice soft colors appropriate for a boy/girl. It played winnie the pooh music. My first son loved his mobile, before he could roll over he'd kick his arms and legs like he was running in place whenever I played it, it was very exciting for him.

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