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Updated on January 10, 2012
E.B. asks from Miami, FL
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Are Crib Bumpers safe for babies? I've never had one because I was frightened. But are they okay for infants to put around the crib?

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answers from Detroit on

No, crib bumpers are NOT safe and should never be used in cribs. American Academy of Pediatrics says they are not safe:

I don't know why they are still on sale!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Current advice is no, they are unnecessary and can be a suffocation hazard.

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answers from Washington DC on

Use breathable mesh bumpers instead of the fat traditional ones. The other ones are a suffocation hazard.

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answers from New York on

I used them for all my kids. Never had any kind of problem. In the old days,
we put our babies on their bellies and they scooted up to the corner against the bumpers (gasp!!!) They loved the security. Now babies are on their
backs, swaddled so they cannot move. So who really needs bumpers. IMO
they are safe. Never heard of anyone having a problem

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answers from Denver on

I didn't use 'em. Bought bedding that had them but we took a baby safety class before our baby came and the teacher said absolutely nothing in the crib with baby. So it may be overkill according to some, but they're only there to look nice, so I say don't risk it!

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answers from Bloomington on

The reason for the bumpers are to keep baby's hands and feet from going through the slats when they start moving around.

We got one of the breathable bumpers (mesh) and wrapped it in between the slats to create a mini wall. This kept legs from getting out and yet was safe.

Please don't use the old style bumper. It's not worth the risk.



answers from Miami on

Extremely dangerous, forget them!



answers from Cleveland on

current advice says no. I have always used them and have 4 healthy kids but that was me.

I guess my question is why do you ask? they haven't been banned so if a friend is using them I'd say it's up to them and don't let it worry you. If your child care provider is using them, then they need to honor your wishes regardless so print the info and put your foot down.

Some places have banned the sale of them though, so I think before much longer you won't find them on shelves.



answers from Seattle on

I have a bumper in my daughters crib. I kind of have viewed it as the same rule as if she flips onto her stomach she is fine to sleep there. I still put her down on her back and when she flips she flips. She is at that point strong enough to turn if she needs to. Same thing with the bumper if she feels she needs to move she will. Mine isn't frilly or anything puffy. My daughter moves all over the crib too. The one day I did take it wash it she ended up getting her leg caught between the slats and was bruised pretty bad due to it. I almost to her the walkin clinic for an xray because it was that bad. I put it back on.
There are many other things you can buy if you want a "bumper". Just research and do what you feel comfortable with.


answers from Houston on

Some say yes, with exceptions, it is controversial. Most experts are now warning to not use them at all, or to use caution when using them. Make sure there are no loose ties, ribbons, ruffles or that the bumpers are not overly puffy. The firmer they are, the "safer", as soft, pillow like ones can be dangerous and risk suffocation, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Once baby starts being able to pull up to standing, that is when it is time to get rid of them, because they can use them to climb out of the crib. There are more risks (suffocation) than benefits (preventing bruises).



answers from Washington DC on

Hi E.,
One more link which identifies the original history behind the bumpers in addition to a list of organizations (including American Academy of Pediatrics) that are not supportive of crib bumpers:

A friend of mine a Maternal/Child Health nurse, former Labor & delivery and their biggest push is "Naked Crib" which includes nothing more than a fitted sheet. I know my parents bungeed down my carseat 35+ years ago and I survived. I don't know that I would take the "I survivied" attitude with my little one knowing the info is right in front of me.



answers from Detroit on

Not worth the risk just to make the crib pretty! Also, they really have little purpose. I didn't use one. Never noticed it's absence.

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