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Updated on July 25, 2010
C.S. asks from Sarasota, FL
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Sooo grandpa is putting the crib together with no directions. It's a Simmons, in excellent shape but not new.. Can anyone tell me how the drop down gate is suppose to work (be put together)? I can hear him up there and it's not a pretty sound!

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So What Happened?

Well as soon as I said I'd ask Mamapedia he was off to the races! Had to get it together before a response. Don't you just love those guys! Will follow up on the suggestions. Even though it will be only a week, ten minutes could be too long if it's recalled. Plus he would be the first completely vaporized! grandfather if he put it together wrong! Thanks again.

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Yes, please make it secure. There's been a recall. Good luck.



answers from Tampa on

If you happen to know the model you can usually get the owner's manuals online. I have done that with LOTS of times, including baby items.



answers from Orlando on

Ha Ha that's funny about grandpa! :) Check the manufacture's website for the manual. You should find assembly instructions and info on the crib. Yes, be weary of recalls. I just had one on my daughter's crib 2 1/2 years later! It's now a daybed, but the recall was for the drop down rail. I did request a repair kit to have if I hand down the crib to someone else. I actually never used the drop down because it was a little tight and made a loud clicking noise when locking into place, not convenient! Well, good luck!



answers from Gainesville on

And beyond the recalls, there was just an article on that ALL drop side cribs will be banned this next year because they are a hazard. All manufacturers have to switch to non-drop cribs. Every daycare, everything will have to replace their cribs. So you might consider just going and getting a non-drop side crib rather than using what you've got now.



answers from Houston on

You can Google "Simmons crib assembly" and you'll get many resources for assembly directions. You'll want to ensure that it is together exactly right...a majority of injuries to children in cribs has to do with the drop-side assembly.



answers from Orlando on

Here is a link to assembly instructions on eHow. If you don't care for these just do a Google search for "Simmons drop side crib assembly instructions" and many options will come up. Good Luck!

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