Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy on Facebook.

Updated on July 31, 2012
B.M. asks from Pocatello, ID
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So I'm only 5 weeks along and I'm not planning on announcing my pregnancy on Facebook until I'm around 13 weeks, maybe even a little longer. But I've already been thinking how to do it. I've seen the picture of the bun in the oven, the ultrasound pic, the prego jar, the kids with big sister, big brother shirts etc. So I want to do something new, cute and creative. I've been looking online and I found a couple that might be cute. One was, "today's lucky numbers are....and then add my due date." See how long it takes people to get it. Or maybe say "i'm growing a tiny human. What are you doing today?" Or take a picture of everyone's shoes lined up and then add some new infant shoes at the end. Or have my oldest hold up a sign that says 1st, my next one says 2nd and my 3rd little girl holds up a sign that says Last, but the Last is crossed out and 3rd is writen above it. So do you guys like these? Or can you think of another cute way to announce? Thanks Ladies.

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answers from New York on

My friend and I both were pregnant at the same time - she did the cutest thing which was on Halloween she dressed up as a chef with a chef hat and apron and a t-shirt that said bun with an arrow pointing to her belly. I was jealous of her cute idea! Halloween may be too far along for you - you'd be 20 or so weeks by then but you could dress up and take a pic and then save the costume for halloween. :-)

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answers from Chicago on

Oh I love the one with the signs for the kids! Too cute! Congrats by the way!

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answers from Chattanooga on

When I get pregnant, I want to post a picture of my DD wearing a big sister shirt... Not really original, but I like it.

I LOVE some of the things I have seen on pinterest. (I will post the link to all the prego announcements...)

I really liked 2 in particular... One where the mom is holding a jar of Prego (pasta sauce) at the camera...

the other is a picture of Dad holding the daughter (plus sign) then a picture of Mom (Equals) 4. :) (although, yours would have to be equals 6... lol.)

You could combine a couple of ideas... (This one is Katie's, plus one I saw on pinterest...) like line up a pair of each child's shoes, and put a pair of baby shoes at the end, and make the caption "We are adding to our house by 2 feet!"

More ideas here...

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answers from Colorado Springs on

One of my kids did it by opening the oven door, taking a very large roll, placing it inside on the rack, and taking a picture... so what the viewers got was "a bun in the oven."

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answers from Denver on

I saw someone put that they are expanding their house by two feet! Cute!

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answers from Denver on

I like the 1st, 2nd, 3rd...idea...very cute!

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answers from Tulsa on

I think the sign idea is awesome!

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answers from Salt Lake City on

My sister in law, took a pic of each family members shoes all lined up in order biggest to smallest, with a new baby pair at the end. The caption said "Our family is growing by two feet" I think that I like Family better then House.
good luck!

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answers from Dover on

What about a variation of the 1, 2, 3...have them hold the signs w/ 1st, 2nd, and 3 but then have someone else hold a sign (so just the sign is visible in the picture) that says "debuting April 2013" (or whenever your due date is). Another saying could be "See you in April 2013".

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answers from Washington DC on

Friend started talking about a difficult dish she was making and how it was a long process and a labor and worked in that it was not the only thing she was "cooking" at the time. Didn't take people too long to figure out she was pregnant.

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answers from Washington DC on

I know a family who took a picture of them all in bed wearing jeans and white tops and the bed had white bedding. They all had their names on their shirts and the mom also had "baby #4" on her belly. She made it her profile picture. It was cute :).

My coworkers daughter did the picture of the feet/shoes and I thought that was clever too.

My photographer put up the prego jar.

Another friend waited until she knew the sex of the baby to put it on FB. I knew before because I am good friends with the family, but I was sworn to secrecy. She put the sonogram picture and the baby's name as her profile picture.



answers from Green Bay on

write the due date on your stomach (shirt lifted), take a pic and post the pic. A friend of mine did that and it was WAY cute! :-)



answers from Provo on

I'm 26 weeks and waited until 13 weeks to announce on Facebook. It was so hard! I just shared a quote from my 4yo that he said when I was around 8 weeks (we had told him as soon as we found out I was pregnant). As soon as he said it, I knew that was how I wanted to announce it: "Here, Mommy, let me help you get up off the couch, because you don't know how to get up with a baby in your tummy." I know you wouldn't want to use the exact same quote, but have your kids said anything you could use? Or maybe just pay attention in the coming weeks for anything cute they might say/do before you're ready to announce on can be so darn cute and creative sometimes. They might be able to help you out!



answers from Seattle on

I like tiny human status or the shoes! But I really do still like the kids wearing "big brother/sister" shirts too :)