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Updated on February 12, 2009
J.C. asks from Milwaukee, WI
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My husband and I started "trying" again early in January, and we are now expecting number 4!! I am just wondering if anyone has any ideas how to tell our families. I am expecting some push-back (oh well...) from my in-laws and my parents, just because my others are so young. Any ideas?! Oh and don't get me wrong, WE are very excited so that's what matters and our families help us out a lot, but ultimately this was our decision... Thank you :)

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answers from Omaha on

one of my cousins sent out announcements that included an ultrasound picture and signed their names and "peanut" for the baby. They just sent it out to close family.


answers from Sioux City on

I just had our sixth. Wr had two babies pass away in 2006. My parents were so worried that they had a hard time getting excited for us. My In-laws just could understand why the fourth or fifth, much less the sixth. My family came around. My husbands family is trying not to give us that much attention over the birth of our sixth for fear we may do it again. I try to be kind to all of them although it is tough sometimes. I figure it is a way to witness my faith. I am guessing by the name of your third we have that in common.

I explained to my parents that we are thrilled with each and every gift God gives us even if we only get to keep that gift for a very short time. I asked them to pray a prayer of thanksgiving for each day our daughter was still alive in my womb.

We waited a long time to tell my In-laws. I didn't want any more stress than necessary. They took it far better than I anticipated, but they were not thrilled. I figured that once she was born they would love her up and for the most part they have. My father-in-law was one of the first people to hold her and he was gleaming with pride. My mother-in-law hasn't seen her in person, but has bragged about the pictures we have sent.

In the end, I am so thrilled with this little gift, I can hardly put her down. My other children can't get enough of her. It has been hard for all of us to not spoil her to death. When you bury two children, your perspective changes and you really could care less about what others think. We truly know what a gift life is.




answers from Sheboygan on

what about a "then" and "Now" photo, using "Big Brtoher, Big SIster, And Little Sister" t-shirts/onesies for "then" and then switching the youngest to a "big sister" for the "now" picture


answers from La Crosse on

What about a picture with the kids each holding a sign...
( Nick) Will I have a Brother?
( Sophia) Will I have another Sister?
(Gianna) We will find out in November...

Then get the grandparents a Valentines Day card and put it in there.

Good luck and Congrats on the little one!



answers from La Crosse on

We just announced #4 as well to our family of (6, 4, 20mo)...kinda nervous of what they would think being that my two older are done and my younger may not have more...but, we thought one more - maybe a girl?!!? Anyway, we announced in our christmas letter that was written by the baby. Honestly, friends and family thought it was very clever and didn't know until they read the bottom (said Love Baby (LAST NAME).
I also had made return address labels ( with the stick people on there were 2adults, 3 kids, then a baby stick infant in a diaper...people were shocked. I created it on the website and pasted into a word doc so I didn't have to spend teh silly amt that the website charged. However, I did make stationary too and put that also on the header or footer. Congrats...hope it goes smoothly:)



answers from Cedar Rapids on

I would give them all (whosever involved)2 boxes one pink and one blue,and then have them pick one or the other to which we will have,than u both will find out who is for u and who is against u,never the less you'll know were u stand and go from there ,and dont let any on one stop u both from being happy of this great gift God has aloud you both to exprience,they shouldn'tmind if it's 4 or 6 or 10.God bless you and the that one to come!!!!!!!



answers from Minneapolis on

I can understand where you're coming from. We currently have 5 children and feel the "you've got yourself into this" mentality from family and some friends. To announce number 5, we took a picture of the youngest one wearing a "I'm the big sister" t-shirt and e-mailed it to everyone. That way, they were able to digest it and call us when the initial shock had worn off.

It is good you realize that it is you and your husband who need to provide support for each other and aren't looking for acceptance from your families, because it might not be there.

Good luck and God bless you and your growing family!

Heahter :-)

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