Creative Way to Annouce Second Pregnancy

Updated on November 22, 2010
H.S. asks from Johnson City, TN
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I am 5 weeks pregnant with my second child. I am looking for a cute/creative way to announce the pregnancy to our parents and close friends. With my 19-month-old son, my husband and I told everyone over the phone. This may be my last pregnancy (my husband and I only want two children), I want this announcement to be special and memorable. The majority of our family and friends do not live near us, so this would have to be done through the mail.

I am thinking of putting my toddler in a "BIG BROTHER" t-shirt, taking a picture, and including a poem in a card such as: "Roses are red, violets are blue, nothing is cuter than me, except maybe two." - then including the due date. How did you announce your pregnancy - especially if family doesn't live nearby? Any additional suggestions would be appreciated.

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answers from Johnson City on

For my second pregnancy, I sent out an e-mail with my son's name in the sender line and the message, "Mommy and Daddy have given me permission to tell you that I am going to be a big brother! My baby brother or sister is expected in ..."

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answers from Chicago on

I am 5 weeks pregnant too! ( we have one dd-4 years old) For close family we are going to announce on Christmas with the t-shirt thing. We want to do something like put our daughter in a t-shirt that says "Thing 1" (from Dr. Seuss) and then on the back something that says "Thing 2 expected July 2011" and see how long it takes for the family to catch on =) For out of town family and extended friends we will just take a picture of her in this shirt (front and back shot) and put it on the xmas card. Either that or I might wear a t-shirt that says "Thing 2" with an arrow pointing to my belly. Congrats on your pregnancy!

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answers from Laredo on

I bought plain white newborn onesies and those paint stick things. We wrote in spanish(which none of our family speeks).. are you ready for number two? and then on the back of the onesie in english we wrote.. We're pregnant- September 2010 which was the month she was born in. and wrapped them in wrapping tissue and a cute bow and sent one out to everyone.
Everyone loved the onesies and then they had something that they could keep.
Congratulations on your pregnancy!

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answers from Lake Charles on

Well I announced my pregnancy several different ways. With my mom, I gave her one of those mushy mom cards that says your such a great mom and at the bottom I wrote "I only hope I will be as good of a mom as you, will you please come with me to my first ultrasound on Dec 8th?" She was shocked ( I am not married, but engaged). Then for the rest of my family, we always have a Ladies Only Christmas Party. We play lots of games and I told everyone I did a game. So I used the sentence "P. and Wes are going to have a baby" and broke it into 5 pieces and typed them onto Christmas Paper and sealed them in Envelopes. I labeled them 1-5 and handed them out to random family members and had them read the parts aloud in order, but they couldn't open their envelope ahead of time! It was really exciting, and they all loved it!
With my dad's family I put a picture of the first ultrasound in a frame that said "Grandchildren give the best hugs". I gave it to my dad as his Christmas gift. I like your big brother shirt idea!

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answers from St. Louis on

My girlfriend emailed me a picture of her son wearing a "Im a big brother shirt"

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answers from San Francisco on

We found a poem that we used to announce our second pregnancy:

Last night while
Everyone was asleep
I looked out through my window,
Up through the trees

The sky was so big
and covered in stars
I knew a baby brother or sister
soon would ours

Hey ho, our family of three
Is growing beyond my mommy, daddy and me

Hey ho, just how will it be
When we add another branch to our family tree?

I loved it! We were telling my in-laws on Mother's Day, so we put it inside her Mother's Day card!

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answers from Las Cruces on

Congratulations! I think you have a really good/cute idea to announce your pregnancy. I love making photo cards and I think they make the good gifts too. Will check back later to see what other mommas suggested.

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answers from Nashville on

you could mail them all a little package with a cheap paci in it with a tag that say something like i'll see you soon. anyway good luck and god bless, what a blesing you are getting. R. mom of 7

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answers from Dallas on

I called my mom first thing! ( My mom likes to talk fast, say ok bye and hang up before you can say much) soo, when I called there was quick small talk and I threw in hey I'm pregnant and she says ok bye! I got off the phone and thought WHEW, that was easy! About 2 minutes later she calls back and said who's pregnant? I said me...( I was so scared) then, she said let me call and make a doc. appt. ok bye! *click* It was super weird!

Anyhoo, what about framing a sonogram and sending it as a gift for Christmas?
I wanted to do this but, I found out I was pregnant the day after Christmas! I just had an idea for Thanksgiving but, I just forgot grrr.... as soon as I can remember I will post again! I hope this helps!

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answers from Nashville on

I think you've got a great idea already going, but I did this for our second child... On a piece of paper, I kind of put together a rebus. A photo of me and then a plus sign, and them a photo of my hubby, and then an equal sign, then a picture of a bun, then a plus sign, then a picture of an oven. Get it? Hope it makes sense... Anyway, everyone thought it was cute! Congratulations!!!!

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answers from Raleigh on

I think your idea is very cute.

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answers from Asheville on

When we found out we were pregnant I wanted to sent those M&Ms that you can put messages on. We found out it was twins immediatly so I wanted to wait to know if I should send all pink, pink and blue or all blue. I really didnt want to do green and yellow. We never had an ultrasound that showed what baby #1 was. #2 was always in the way or #1 was turned wrong.
I ended up adding up the cost of all the things we would need and scrapped the M&M idea for budget reasons. We just called everyone. Boring. Oh well. I think your idea is cute.



answers from Nashville on

I stamped "big brother soon" on my son's shirt and put a shirt over it and pants. I asked my husband to put his jammies on him for me so he would take the shirt off and see the undershirt stamped. Then we did the same thing for my mother when we visited her. The other grandmother we had him hand her a pink carnation to tell her a little girl was coming. You could take a picture of your little one with the shirt on and email it. I think your poem and card idea is great, something they can keep. Congrats!



answers from Clarksville on

that is a very cute idea the only think tho is what if one person gets it first and starts calling everyone and ruin the surprise,what id do is first sent one to your parents and inlaws and even grandparent and write int here as well to keep it a secret till everyone else knows,but even if they do start telling everyone at least they know first and wont get the feelings hurt...just saying (i know my family would call as soon as they get a crad and 5 min later everyone would know,and mail can always be unpredictable)..but awsome idea