Creative/Unique "4Th" Anniversary Gift for My Husband

Updated on June 02, 2008
J.R. asks from Lewisville, TX
5 answers

Hi Ladies,
My 4th Anniversary is June 12th and with the my husband's birthday in May and Father's Day in June, I almost forgot about our anniversary. I like to follow the traditional wedding anniversary gifts each year and this year is Linen and Silk. Just wondering if anyone thought of something unique to give their husband for their 4th. My husband is a pretty easy going and casual guy, so something small and simple is just fine. I'd appreciate any mind is just going blank with ideas...thanks so much!!

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answers from Dallas on

Buy yourself something "silky" and wear it for him...chuckle-chuckle!..maybe some silk boxers to go along with what you buy for him!

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answers from Abilene on

Linen/silk can be in many shapes and forms...
Silk boxers(matching nightie for you?!!)
Linen Paper with a poem, or a significant word that can be framed like a piece of art.
Happy Anniversary, best wishes, with this!



answers from Dallas on

My husband is super casual guy but he does love linen shorts for dress in the summer. You could always do the satin sheet and nightie for are the best gift.



answers from Dallas on

Two things came to is a linen sport/tote/Bible bag put in a silk handkerchief... with his initials monogrammed on and another was go to your church quilter and ask for a small chair throw quilt and have a/his favorite Bible verss written on. A lady in our church does that as her home witness to others...maybe they could attach a block of silk in it in a binding of sort or square. There is a monogram store in Waco Texas downtown that does excellent work.
Mrs. B


answers from Dallas on

Linen and Silk? Hmmm,,,, my mind races onto silky lingerie and new sheets for the bed!!!!!

My 20th anniversay is coming up on New Years Eve!! GOod luck to you!!