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Updated on November 04, 2009
J.H. asks from Plano, TX
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We are hosting a "Christmas Bridal Tea" for my best friend in December. I knew that she really wanted a "girly shower" but didn't want her friends to feel like they had to buy additional gifts (there will be a couples shower later on). So the idea is for guests to come and bring a favorite holiday recipe or an ornament. I've sent out a "save the date" for the event that says this:
We hope you'll be able to join us as we shower the bride with our favorite holiday recipes & traditions, and also help to trim her tree in anticipation of
the first Christmas in her new home
with her husband-to-be! (The couple bought a home together earlier this year)

I would like to get the formal invitations out next week. Any help on "tweaking" the wording would be appreciated. Would it be too much to suggest the guests bring their recipes on 5x7 cards so they are all uniform and can fit together nicely in a recipe box the hosts could give her? Or actually mail blank recipe cards with the invitations?

Additionally, ideas for favors (I was thinking ornaments shaped like teacups or teapots?) or any other ideas to make the event special would be appreciated!

I'm off to hunt for invitation designs now ... if anyone has one I could replicate, that would be great! I haven't decided if I'll purchase invitation paper and print on it, or create then from scratch myself.

Thanks in advance!


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So What Happened?

Hello Mamas!
I know it's been a while since my post, but I'm about to ask for some more suggestions on another upcoming event which made me feel a bit guilty for not updating everyone on how the "Christmas Tea for the Bride-to-Be" turned out. As a result of all your wonderful feedback ... we had a FABULOUS and very special Christmas tea for my best friend. I received so many compliments on how personal, special, and original the event was. At least 3 guests told me they were stealing the idea to use in the future! Here's how it all played out ....
I mailed out invitations which also included a request for the guest to bring with them their favorite holiday recipe(s) on a piece of paper 8x8 or smaller. I purchased a predesigned 8x8 holiday scrapbook. I told guests they could make their recipe pages as simple or as elaborate as they wishes. Some included quotes or pictures of them with the bride. Others were xeroxed copies which were clearly original recipes they had held on to for many years, and some just emailed me their recipe. For those "simple" ones, I got together with a girlfriend after the "Tea" and we scrapbooked and made it all "come together". The letter that went out with the invitation also told guests that in addition or instead of a recipe, they could bring an ornament to put on the couple's Christmas tree. There was also mention of bringing your traditions to share with the bride. (I'd be happy to share my original letter for anyone who is planning a similar event.)
- On the afternoon of the Tea, everyone began to arrive at 1pm. The ladies visited and champagne punch was served. Before the buffet opened up, my Mom (and co-host) made a toast to the bride. Then we all ate the wonderful spread of food that Canyon Creek Country Club put out. When it looked like everyone was finishing their food, I got up and thanked everyone for coming. I told them that the month of December actually held some significance for our bride and her groom and asked her to tell why. She told the story about when they started dating and when that was. I said ... as a matter of fact, that's what "groom's name" said too! In fact, I thought it would be fun to see how well you two really do know eachother so I ascked him a few questions and I'm curious to see how similar your answers are. That led to a laugh and we went through various questions (all Christmas related - what was the first Xmas gift he gave you, what was his fav family tradition growing up, what traditions do the two of you already have, etc.) Oh - before we got into that, I asked another bridesmaid in front of everyone to redistribute everyone's gifts back to them that they had brought for the bride. I then explained that they would each get an opportunity to give the bride her gift and when they did so, they could also say who they were, how they new the bride, and share any holiday family traditions, stories, etc. they would like with the bride and guests. Saying this before we played our "how well do you know eachother" game, I felt gave them a little time to rehearse in their head what they might want to say and also got the gifts back to the givers while I was talking.
- After the game, I presented my recipes and ornaments to the bride. Next I said "I know that my husband wasn't invited to the Tea, but he found an ornament he wanted to give you anyway. He wanted you to know that he's REALLY happy that you two are FINALLY getting married" .... she opened up an ornament of a pig with wings ... that got a big chuckle and lighted things up some more to start the process of everyone presenting gifts.
- I'm sure I'm leaving some things out, but you get the idea. It really was a very fun and special type of shower. I know that for many, many years, she will decorate her tree and think of all the ppl who love her and came together to celebrate her upcoming wedding with her that cold December day!
- Almost forgot ... the room was setup with six 4-top tables. I decided to make up placecards for the guests and I think this really helped. When ppl arrived I could easily direct them, they could put down their coat and purse and know where their "spot" was. We also ordered some little angel ornaments from oriental trading company as party favors and placed them next to the placecards. My mom wrote "2009" on the back of them in gold paint pen. They were perfect and very affordable -
Thanks again for all your help! Feel free to call on me if you ever want help brain storming for your special events ... this is so much fun for me!
Merry Christmas!
Thank you Mamas for all your wonderful input and ideas! You guys really came through for me ... way above and beyond what I ever expected! I love all the ideas and am trying to make some decisions. The shower is on Dec 6 so I'd like to get the invitations out this week. I looked around for invitation paper today but didn't LOVE anything. If ya'll have any suggestions of stores to try near Plano, please let me know. I tried Paper Affair today and hope to run by Hobby Lobby tonight. I'll respond with some more "what happened" info later but off to take my 4 year old to gymnastics now and was busy working all day. Just wanted to take a moment to tell ya'll THANKS! You Mamas ROCK!

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I love this idea and think you should mail blank recipe cards with instructions in the invitation. This way you know exactly what you are getting. You can find a recipe binder like this one that holds 5x7 cards:

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answers from Dallas on

Oh what fun! I Love Tea and even more I LOVE Christmas!!!

What about this:

Joyful it would surely be,
If you could join us for a Christmas Tea!

We ask but one thing when you attend this jolly reunion.
Help us shower the Bride and bless her approaching marriage union.

The Bride-to-be needs our help you see,
To stock her recipe box and trim her Christmas Tree.

Be sure to include a cute recipe card in the invitations. As for favors, why not use tea balls? You can fill them with a spicy potpourri and tie them with colorful Christmas ribbon.

If you haven't yet decided on a cake, I would LOVE to help you out with that too. Just shoot me an email via MommaSource.

SAHM of two:19 and 6. Baker and Candy maker. Married to my best friend for almost 13 years.

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I love the idea of mailing out the 5x7 cards with the invitations. This way, you can choose cards that have the teapot "logo" on them and they really will all look the same once they take up residence in her recipe box!

For the invitations, just do an internet search for "teacup invitations." You'll see lots of examples and can order the ones you like best, OR you can use all the ideas to come up with invitations of your own. Have fun!

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answers from Dallas on

I think you have a good idea going here!
I would ask friends to email you recipes, then you can print them on index cards using your computer. Include the persons name and maybe their relation to the Bride-to-be and/or how long they have known her.
Ask each friend to bring a new or sentimental Christmas ornament. If it is sentimental, you could ask that person to share why it is sentimental as she gives it to the bride-to-be. Maybe ask the B2b what color or theme she likes, to give the guest a hint incase they have a hard time deciding.
Here's an idea you could play with in regards to the wording:
Please join in the celebration for the soon-to-be-bride at 'this place at this time'.
We'll be showering her with Christmas ornaments for her first Christmas with 'his name'. Let's stuff her stockings with ornaments she will treasure for years to come! (that may be too informal and silly for you.) Please bring an ornament that is new or sentimental as your gift to 'her name'.
RSVP by 'date'
your name and number

Have fun planning all the details!


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answers from Dallas on

I think this is a neat idea ! it's a great way to get some tried and true recipes and also get some ornaments for her tree. I would send the card so everything is uniform. I like the idea of ornaments in the shape of teacups, teapots, or saucers. As far as wording - I'm not sure ? I'm not that great on wording. Have fun !



answers from Dallas on

Hi J.,

I recommend providing the blank index card, so they'll all be the same. This is what we did for a recipe book.

hope it all works out



answers from Dallas on

Hi J.

I can't help with my ideas regarding invitation wording. Although, I can refer you to websites to help with ideas. I use every time I am making homemade invites, I use their ideas all the time. As for the recipe box idea. I did this last year for a shower I hosted. I googled personalized recipe boxes and personalized recipe cards. All kinds of sites come up varying in prices. Depending on your budget, the hosts can purchase the box and the cards. When you send the invitations, send the recipe cards with a stamped addressed return envelope to enclose their RSVP and their recipe card. This will give you time to alphabetically organize all the recipes that come in, and present them in a box from all the guests at the shower.

Good luck!
M. Brooks
Mom to Twins and Another,
What a blessed Mother!



answers from Dallas on

Instead of having all the cards the same, how about scrapping the cards received? I've seen recipe scrapbooks.



answers from Dallas on

I LOVE Denise D's idea!!!!!



answers from Dallas on

Here's something you could have on the card. I would include the recipe cards, that way guests aren't struggling to find index cards or having to buy 100 or so for just needing a few. Good luck with your tea.

It's Time For Tea
With the Bride-To-Be
So grab your favorite recipe,
Or ornamnet to help trim her tree!

5x7 cards have been included for your recipe donation. Please use 1 or all to help with her collection.



answers from Dallas on

Hi J.,

If you want the recipes all on the same size cards I would include the 5x7 card with a note indicating that they are to put the recipe on the index card provided. If you don't want to do that then you & the other hostesses will probably end up putting them on the cards for the bride.



answers from Dallas on

I love this idea! and the responses have been fun to read.

I would recommend that you have people email the recipes and write them on cards! You can forward the recipes to the bride and she can have both electronic versions and physical versions in people's own handwriting.

My sister in law always has a "do a Christmas craft" at Thanksgiving. One time she had us make clay Christmas ornaments and baked them and gave them back to us at Christmas. (I made a red barn, bro in law made a green John Deere tractor, nephew made a Ford logo, niece made a grand piano...etc., whatever our personal interests were) Would this be anything you would want to do instead of the traditional bridal shower games? We visited while making the clay ornaments and had a great time.

Last year she put a sheet or white table cloth on the table, provided color markers (or maybe markers especially for cloth?) and we drew pictures on the cloth. She's going to use it for Thanksgiving meal this year.

One idea is to provide wire, beads and a few pairs of pliers and some examples of wire and bead ornaments and let the girls make ornaments.

You might want to ask the bride if she has a special theme or color she wants to emphasize....

"A fun time was had by all...."




answers from Dallas on

What a nice idea for a shower! I would suggest sending some pretty recipe cards with the invitations. Another idea would be a pretty blank book that you could write the recipes in with a personal note from the cook. You could use a photo album also and add shapshots of the guest, notes, and the recipe cards on a page. Just some thoughts...

I make yummy cakes and do some pretty neat things with fondant. I make some cakes with teacups and saucers that you might like. If you email me I will send you some photos and info.

Your friend is blessed to have a friend who cares so much about creating a special memory. What a nice start to a great marriage!

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