Creative Jewelry Displaying Ideas

Updated on September 24, 2009
A.C. asks from Lemon Grove, CA
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Hello Mothers!
I have recently begun making jewelry and a friend of mine decided to have a party at her house, and asked me if I would be willing to show my jewelry. I decided that I will show my items. However, I have no idea how to display the items. I am very short on cash therefore buying stuff to show my items on will be diffcult. Are there any low budget items ideas that any of you have, so that I can display my items? Any ideas will help.
If you can send attachment pictures so that I can have a visual will be helpfull.

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answers from Los Angeles on

For a time I sold hand beaded earrings. I stretched a sheet of black satin over cardboard and glued it to the back. I finished the back with black paper to cover the glued areas. The fish tails on the earrings just poked through the fabric. This isn’t the fanciest method for sure, but these display boards where easy for people to pass around to look at. They handled the board and not the earrings this way and the cost was quite minimal.



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When I started out doing craft fairs many moons ago, I covered a large cork board or a foam core board (buy from Michael's) with a solid white sheet. Just pull it tightly and use a heavy duty stapler to staple it on. You could also use black or another solid color sheet that your jewelry looks good on. Hancock or Joann's often has fabric on sale. Take your jewelry to the fabric store and see what color it looks best on and "jumps" out at you from. Use long straight pins to display your pieces on the board.

Of course, wearing your jewelry is always a great way to promote yourself. Also, be sure to remember not to take any criticsm personally. There is always someone out there who has to be critical. Besides being a creative person, you need to put on your business hat and promote your jewelry. What make its unique, what materials did you use, is it hypoallergenic, you might even give your pieces names (like an artist does). If you are serious about making this new hobby a business, you might want to consider buying your findings from a wholesaler. I use to use Rings and Things ( You may need a business license.
Best wishes to you in your new creative endeavor. Let us know how it goes.


answers from Las Vegas on

Have you checked out your local dollar store or discount stores for lit'l treasure boxes. Usually you can find them very inexpensive there.

Good Luck



answers from Los Angeles on

Why not have models?? Your friends or guests can wear your favorite pieces!!

Second to that, just lay down a nice sheet or towel or maybe a fancy table cloth (plain/light colors) and lay the jewlery down (I've seen this before and the woman put everyone on the pool table - worked out fine).

That's all I can think of for now. Do you have a website? I'd love to see what you are selling!

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