Creative Ideas on Telling Spouse "It's a Girl" from Ultrasound

Updated on May 04, 2008
J.L. asks from Farmington, MN
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I am asking for my friend who will be having her ultrasound this Monday. Her husband will NOT be able to go to the ultrasound. She does have an idea for if she is having a boy. This is her third baby and has two girls. Thanks for any ideas!!

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So What Happened?

"It's a healthy baby girl" Thank you for ALL of the great ideas for her to break the news of the sex of their baby to her husband! My friend was so happy to have some many ideas! I was sending them her way as you responded. Thanks again!
J. L

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I sent pink roses to my husband with a big pink AND Blue ribbon on the outside so he couldn't tell until he opened them up (would have sent blue if it were a boy)...

Either way, how FUN! Congratulations!!


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Maybe she would want to try an acrostic poem. That is a poem that spells out a message when the first letters of each line are read vertically. It helps people catch on to the clue if you can end a sentence midline and not capitilize the first word of the next sentence. Here's a really bad quick example acrositcally spelling out ITS ANOTHER GIRL.

Ideally what we want is a healthy child with a
Sweet - not too wild.

Angels are earthbound in a
New baby.
Our children are miracles
Truly - not maybe.
Having another child is wonderful thing
Each one is a blessing. of each one we
Rightfully sing.

Galaxies near and quite far are equally
Impressed. in
Reality, with this
Little one we have been thankfully blessed.

I am so glad this site is anonymous. I would be embarrassed to put my name on this sloppy poem but hopefully you get the idea.

Good luck!



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Aren't little girls wonderful! If she's concerned about him accepting not having a boy she could tell him, "I guess it's your lot in life to supply the world with beautiful women."



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If he is a baseball fan she could get a little pink Twins Jersey. Or if he loves to camp/fish I saw the cutest little pink rod and reel sets and matching pink folding chairs. My husband is a big 49ers fan so I got our daughter a little sundress that was made by these ladies up at the Little Falls craft sale that was entirely 49ers material. He dressed her in that every Sunday until she outgrew the thing. How fun!
My husbands' best friend has four girls. When his wife convinced him to try one more time for a boy, and then when he went with her to the ultrasound to find out they were having another girl he kind of flipped out. He was very outrightly mean about it the whole way home fromt he doctor about how he couldn't believe she had talked him into the pregnancy. She let him get his frustrations out, and then soon after he got really excited about another girl. So tell your friend not to get too upset if he doesn't take the news of girl #3 well. No matter what you know he will except and love the baby no matter what. I could not believe how well his wife handled it especially with how emotional you get when pregnant, but it was the best thing for them to let him vent and come to grips with it. Now they are so happy, and there youngest is almost two.



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When my daughter was pregnant, her husband was in the Army in Iraq (she got pregnant when he was home on leave). She asked the ultrasound technician to write the sex on a piece of paper and fold it over so she could not see it. Then during her next telephone conversation with her husband, she opened the piece of paper and they learned the sex of the baby together. I thought this was so romantic -- but frustrating, as she wouldn't tell me either until she told her husband!
I hope the parents will rejoice whatever the sex of the new baby.
Mama P



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Go get a tiny little tshirt that says either "Daddy's little girl" or "Daddy's Boy" on it and wrap it up for him. You'll have so much fun with this!



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have her get a cookie made at the bakery with a pink hand print on it. That was one idea I thought of when I was going to tell my hubby, but i always ended up blurting it out before hand!! Good Luck!


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i remember the tv show full house when rebecca had to tell jessie that she was pregnant. and she made supper with everything with baby in the carrots, baby shrimp etc. maybe she could do something with pink or blue themed meal.for table cloth, blue paper plates, blue silver ware and blue flowers!!!!!

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