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Updated on April 30, 2010
A.F. asks from Bellmore, NY
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I am a SAHM to a thirteen month old girl. I was just wondering if other SAHMs' have any creative ideas of things to do (mainly weekdays) without spending a lot of money. My husband and I are looking for a house and I know once we do move, money will really be tight otherwise I would love to join a class like Stroller Strides, Gymboree again and/or swim lessons.

When the weather is nice I walk. I push the stroller and walk the dog. I need to find things to do with my very much crawling baby as she is into everything! As summer approaches, I plan on going to street fairs, parks and flea markets. Thank you!

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Thanks Moms' for the good advice. I go to the library but I think most of the activities like story time is for older toddlers around 18 months old but I will check it out. I go to a weekly mother's club and it's alright. The problem is it seems like my group, while they do a lot of good for the community like fundraising, seems like they are always asking for a weekly donation. They do organize outside activities and monthly board meetings if you choose to go. My job the first year is to be a sitter to help out watching other babies. There are days when you are "off" to participate in listening to a guest speaker but lately I feel like I'm just there to babysit.

I agree that Stroller Strides is pricey and I think it is more for the mom to have a chance to exercise if you can't get to a gym or you don't have a sitter. Gymboree and Music Together are also pricey.

Some new suggestions were made like going to museums, perhaps getting a membership. I might look into that when Alyssa is older. I have taken her to the Long Island Children's Museum and The Hall of Science. I haven't ventured to Manhattan yet!

I plan on buying a kiddie pool (not the same from the huge pool we had living in Texas!!) but it will have to go in my parent's backyard. We do not have a real backyard as we live in a two family house that only has a deck shared by our neighbor. Hopefully when we buy a house, I can invite others over to splash in the little pool!

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answers from New York on

You have plenty of great suggestions already. The YMCA in my area has lots of classes that are less expensive than the Gymboree and other for profit ones (about $65 compared to over $200).

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answers from Pittsburgh on

The library is awesome for that age! Also, do you have a MOPS group nearby? Have fun!



answers from New York on

i think all of us SAHMs can relate. most librarys have museum passes so you can go places for free or discounted. there are some great kid things included. you may also want to look into a MOMS club or a newcomers club. they require a once a year membership fee, usually rather low, and they have tons of activities. good luck.



answers from New York on

do you have a local Parents Place? or community center? they usually have mommy and me classes for a very minimal charge and teh Parents Place is usually free. also look at the local library. they also have story times and craft times for little ones and its a great way to meet other moms to start up play groups!



answers from Stationed Overseas on

How about storytime at the local library? Check with your local community center and see what kind of programs they have for small kids and moms. And like Sara said try to find a playgroup, local mom's group or SAHMs in your neighborhood.



answers from Utica on

Hi A.
My advice as a SAHM for many years. OK more years than I want to tell, but my advice is to begin doing all the things you want your child to do when they turn 2 or 3.
For instance, read out loud, put on CD's of things you want her to know, memorizing is a big deal so why not begin with kid songs, and nursery rhymes & don't forget to do any and all hand motions. Those motions that cross the center line of the baby are healthy for building synapses in the brain.
Puzzles(are math developers), animal noises(recognition of sounds), and talk to your daughter even if she is not talking back she will learn words by you continually talking.
Baby Einstein has great DVD's for learning that can be played in the background. She might just learn by "osmosis".
Crawl with her. Did you know that crawling babies read better than babies who don't? There is lots to do with a baby if you just choose to realize that this is the most important job you will ever have, so choose to do it well.
Building blocks towers so she can knock them down. Watch for the excitement on her face as the blocks fall. If she doesn't knock it down, show her how. Later she will build. Watch for her to build long instead of high building, she has reached a new milestone then. Talking all the time. "I put the red block on the blue one" etc.
Books from the local library. Ask the librarian if you don't know where they are. I loved the What your child need to know series but not sure how young it goes as I didn't find them til preschool and that is alot of years ago.
Ok so I am from another generation but
SAHM married almost 40 years --- adult children 38,34, and twins 19.
coach, lawyer, college fine arts student, college journalism student respectively. I homeschooled, baby sat, and had foster kids in our home, as well as had a day care til I found myself pregnant and put to bed at 18 wks with the twins who were born at 38 wks after 19 weeks of bed rest at home after a week at the hospital.
God bless you
Need more ideas write me



answers from New York on

Hi! Now that it's getting warm enough, you should get a kiddie pool and as many outdoor toys as you can. Balls, cups for water, a playhouse, baby slide,etc. I got all of our stuff second hand at thrift shops or on craigslist or eBay. Then you can have playdates with the kids outside, too. And hopefully they will reciprocate! You could also try to form your own moms group without fees except for when you organize an outing. Placing an ad or a flyer at a local market can help you do fond people. My kids love picnics!



answers from Minneapolis on

I have to say that swim lessons is more then just for fun it is a life saving class for kids to take. If you have the time and can. Right now is a great time to start her is mommy and me lessons. She will have fun, so will you and she is learning how to save herself if she were to happen to fall into deep water.

My kids always loved the simple things like hide and seek at home among lots of other activities. fairs, parks and markets are great for learning also.



answers from New York on

try your local library or in your neighboring towns. They usually have some great programs that are free or cost next to nothing. Also look into your town rec. dept. I know mine has a bounch of classes for residents that are very inexpensive. There are also free publications, like Westchester Parent, Rockland Parent, etc. which lists a calendar of events for the entire month with kid friends things to do...good luck!



answers from Madison on

Find a playgroup or mom's group to join. It's much more fun during the day if you have other moms and their kids to get together with!



answers from Nashville on

The library, a moms club and maybe a community rec center are going to be your most affordable options. Our moms club has playgroups and they free. We also will get cheaper group rates on things like Gyboree-type classes. Much cheaper than going to them yourself.

Our library has storytime followed by a craft 4 days a week I think.

Stroller Strides is a great program but it is actually pretty expensive. I did the membership so that I could go every day and it is $50 a month or $600 a year. That is a lot. There are other membership options but they are still pricey. By comparison, our rec center (operated by the county, similar a YMCA with all the amenities including pool and gym) is between $200 and $300.

Check your local paper under the classifies every week. Usually the section "For Kids" or "For Moms". I see stuff in there for things like story and dance at the whole foods for free, or kids day at the farmers market with activiites, toddler activities at the Science Center.

At 13 mos, my preference was for the moms club and library. They are too little to enjoy a lot of the things that cost more money, so it didn't seem worth it to me. Once she gets a little older, there is a lot more to do with them. My son is 2 1/2 and is just now getting to the point where we do a lot of those other activities.



answers from New York on

How about a children's museum pass. For $100.00 you can buy a one year membership and go to any museum that is a member of the reciprocal program. Go to this website to check out museums in your area to see if it is worth it for you.

the great thing is that you can go as frequently as you like and really get your money's worth.



answers from New York on

a lot of place like giggles or libraries do storytime...that could be fun! and team up with your friends (or join a mama group) to do playdates in the park with picnic...good luck!

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