Creative Gift Idea for 5 Year Old.

Updated on March 16, 2010
B.K. asks from Rapid City, SD
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I am looking for creative gift ideas for my 5 year old niece. She has about everything you could imagine that you can just go buy in the stores, so I am looking for creative ideas that I can put together for her to craft, dress up, bake with mom and what not. She is full of energy, loves tinkerbell fairies and anything girly! I have about a month, so any help would be great thank you

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answers from Dallas on

I love the "bake with mom" idea. Why not get her the supplies to make her very own Tinkerbell Tea Party with Mom. I'd get her the stuff to make cupcakes and pink "tea" (punch) along with lots of cupcake decorations and possibly a tea set. I'd make her an apron with her name on it, etc.

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answers from Chicago on

My mom went to a cheap store and bought all kinds of dresses, hats, scarves, etc. out them in a big bin and gave my daughters their own dress up box. They love it. A friend did something similar with crafting items, and wrapped a lidded box with fabric, hot glued it and a ribbon on it to make a cute craft box. Both were big hits!



answers from Philadelphia on

Ac Moore (and probably all other stores) have craft kits... that's what i'm telling everyone to get my daughter who will be 5 at the end of the month!



answers from Bismarck on

I was in Wal-Mart the other day looking for a birthday gift for one of my 6 year old daughter's friends and in the gardening section they had a "Complete Strawberry Growing Kit" that comes with a nice, glazed ceramic pot, the potting soil and 10 Ozark Beauty strawberry plants. They also had a really cute little bag with little gardening tools in it. Adoreable and they were each only $8.00. Strawberries are very easy and fun to grow and if Mom likes to garden she would also have her own little tools to help with.


answers from Austin on

How about get together with her and make her a doorway puppet stage.. You will see them online.. Then she can make puppets and act out her own original plays..

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