Cream for Dry Skin ???

Updated on January 31, 2011
M.M. asks from San Pablo, CA
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Hi ladies,
My 18 months old son skin is a bit dry and gets eczema during the warm days. The doctor has him on 2.5% hydrocortisone cream when his eczema gets bad and she also recommends to use Vaseline or Aquaphor ointment for his dry skin 3 times a day, I like the fact that it keeps the skin moist, but I hate it becuase its sooo sticky and on warm days, is a bit annoying to wear (I have tried it on my face). So I decided to use Aveno cream (not lotion as the doctor said not put any "lotion" on him) and it's great becuase it's not sticky, but this doesnt keep his skin hydrated as much as it needs to be.
Is there anything else that I can use for his dry skin?
I know that Aquaphor ointment is the best, but just looking for another alternative...

Thank you in advance

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answers from Boston on

My 19 month old son has had eczema since he was a baby and we use Hydrolatum, it is over the counter cream (comes in a tub), but you may have to ask for it as my pharmacy did not keep it out (CVS) and it is under 10 bucks and super emollient so you just dab on the problem areas but the tub will last you forever. good luck


answers from Cleveland on

my daughter has the same problem & i swear i tried every cream on the market. finally i asked her doctor.. he prescribed a cream called Desonide 0.05% - and it works WONDERS for my daughter! also some another tip! make his baths short! like 5 minutes and put his lotion on while he is still wet! hope this helps!

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answers from Phoenix on

Have you tried Eucerin Cream? My son had eczema when he was a baby and that's what I used on him and in a few days it was going away. :-) Put it on him at night time after bath. That's the only thing we did for our son and it worked. Hopefully this will work for your son as well. :-)

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answers from Eugene on

Vaseline where did that dame go to medical school? Petroleum for eczema? Seriously NO it irritates. I've had eczema since childhood. When I need to make it close up and go away I urinate on it.
That closes it. I leave it on for 30-45 seconds and wash it off.
I use hypoallergenic creams when the eczema is only rough skin. Just once take him to a dermatologist and get his skin looked at. My skin never opens when the weather is warm unless there is an outside irritant. Like if somebody wants to help me by washing my clothes in Tide I am in a terrible outbreak. It is winter and the cold that makes my skin break out. From that you can see your son has a different type of eczema.
Normally eczema is confined to a certain area of the body. If he has it all over that is a serious problem.
Allergies can manifest as eczema. Does his outbreak come and go.
Never use anything with perfume in it as that can be the irritant that makes his eczema flare up.
I do not use any anti-cling stuff in the dryer. No bleach on anything. My cleaning stuff for the household is vinegar and baking soda. I am very careful about personal care products so I never buy soaps like Dial or any of those brands since they are likely to cause eczema to flare up.

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answers from Little Rock on

I used both Eucerin Cream and Gentle Naturals Eczema Cream on my kids along with the hydrocortisone cream. My dermatologist and my childrens pediatrician actually told me to use the hydrocortisone ointment instead of the cream. I argued with my dermatologist, because the ointment actually feels like it is crawling on my skin. I can't stand it and I end up clawing my skin worse than if I had put nothing on it at all.



answers from Las Vegas on

Believe it or not.. PURE coconut oil is suppose to work wonders for this..
IF you are willing to give it a try. you can purchase it from your health food store .. get the oil in the DARK bottle, it keeps longer. Also, it won't be in the lotion department, it will be with the other food oils or in some cases, vitamin department.. It's doesn't take much. Try a tester spot on his skin to make sure it's ok.. I too like alternatives before putting on "medicated" lotions.. esp when it comes to a child's skin..

good luck


answers from New York on

ask your MD if you can try eucerin cream - it is the best!



answers from San Francisco on

I use CeraVe cream on my son...started using it on him when he was about 24 mos. It's great! There's a cream and a lotion formula. I like them both, but I prefer the cream. It's richer but NOT a bit greasy! Many people seem to recommend Eucerin cream which I find very greasy. And Aquaphor is great, but I only like using on smaller areas...for cuts, scrapes, etc. to aid in healing. Try the CeraVe. I think you'll like it.



answers from Atlanta on

Two things....many times eczema can come from food allergies as well....milk, wheat, etc....a lot of doctors do not associate skin problems with food allergies but it can contribute. Another thing that I used to use on my daughter when she was tiny (she didn't have full-blown eczema but just very dry skin...that was my first and I bathed her every day....later I found that the frequent bathing in the winter months was drying out her skin....we cut back on the baths during the winter months and that helped a lot) was coconut oil. It stays liquid in the warm months but is solid when it is cold...I would melt a little, and rub it into her skin right after her bath. It helped a LOT!!!



answers from San Francisco on

you could try mixing the aquaphor with the aveeno to make it stronger.

i would recommend something with all-natural ingredients if you are going to be using it regularly on your baby - almost all the mainstream over-the-counter products are loaded with things that are NOT good for our skin. just read the ingredients. look on line to find a natural treatment for eczema if you choose to go that route.

good luck mama!



answers from Atlanta on

Renew lotion by Melaleuca, the Wellness Company heals ezcema, psoriasis, rosacia and the like. It can also be used as a barrier cream. (I use it on my 92 year old bedridden Dad.) It has undergone double blind testing in Winnipeg Canada in the middle of their winter and has shown incredible results in healing but keeping the skin hydrated for up to two weeks with one application.

Just FYI, Ezcema is a systemic condition so you may want to look at your little one's nutritional intake. If he's getting the right stuff, it's possible it is not absorbing correctly. If you want more info, I'd be glad to provide it.





answers from San Francisco on

I like the Cetaphil cream - thicker than lotion but not as oily as Aquaphor. The February Costco coupon book has a coupon for it, too!



answers from San Francisco on

Don't bathe him more often than every other day. After baths do aquaphor on his skin while it's still fairly wet. And then cover him with fitted pjs or with my son I actually bought him girls tights and put those on him wet. His eczema is mostly on his legs. This is what my dad and stepmom did with my sisters who had bad eczema as young children. During hot weather he slept in just his diaper and the tights. You can also wet a onesie or Tshirt if he's got problem areas on his torso. Keeping the eczema prone areas covered during the day helps alot too, as just the exposure to the elements, carpet, animal hair, grass, etc can irritate it. Currently we have started washing him with unscented sensitive skin soap like dove. And then use a nighttime hydrating lotion, also unscented, after baths. Spot treat eczema with hydrocortisone, we use Aveeno over the counter. Also Aveeno oatmeal baths help too.
Good Luck! Eczema is hard to battle!
Our son us 19 months!



answers from Johnstown on

Call your local Mary Kay consultant and ask her for a sample of the Extra Emolient Night Cream. I have several customers who suffer from exzema and they claim this cream is their ONLY relief. It has components that stay in the skin for up to 5 washings and if the skin looks or feels dry in between applications, all you need to do is rub the skin to reactivate. It creates a water proof barrier, so it's fantastic for diaper rash as well. It looks and feels greasy, but I've worn it in satin sheets and there was no mark left behind. GL



answers from Portland on

My granddaughter has had eczema since she was a baby. We've tried many different creams and found that they all have a certain amount of stickiness when first applied but once they're absorbed the sticky feeling goes away. It just takes 30 minutes or so for it to sink into the skin.

Apply the cream immediately after a bath while the skin is still damp. If the sticky feeling is still on the skin it doesn't need another layer. You might try applying less or applying it less often. Rub it in well.

Vaseline has a creamy version that worked best for my granddaughter when she was a toddler. It does stay sticky feeling longer but also seals the moisture in longer and doesn't have to be applied as often. Eucerin also works very well. We used store brands which are much less expensive.

Even tho wearing it is annoying to you it probably doesn't bother your son. My granddaughter was not annoyed by the feel until she was much older; probably 6 or7.



answers from Charlotte on

My dermatologist recommended Cera Ve for me and my husband. Now I have no idea if it's great for babies or not, but I would be surprised if it isn't. My husband's skin was breaking out in winter because of the dry cold, and we had to change to Tide Free detergent too to keep him from breaking out. So I think the Cera Ve is probably good for babies. You could ask your ped.


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