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Updated on September 13, 2011
T.W. asks from Aurora, CO
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HELP! I just opened the dryer and there was a black crayon that melted all over the dryer and all the clothes! Of course they weren't just any old clothes, they were my two sons' school uniforms. AACK! I was able to get the crayon out of the dryer and ran it a few times with rags in there to be sure there was no more crayon left to come off on the clothes. The problem has come in getting the crayon off the clothes. Is it even possible? Any ideas? I hope there is some sort of solution out there.

Thanks ladies!

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So What Happened?

This site is the best! Thank you everyone for ideas. So here is what I did. I took parts and pieces of everyone's ideas and here is what worked - THE FIRST TIME!

I put the clothes in my washer (it is an HE washer) set it on the harshest setting with super HOT water and set it for presoak and heavy soil, then I used HE Tide as I usually would, only doubled the amount, I then added about a half cup of BORAX. The load ran for 95 minutes but every single trace of the black crayon came out! WooHoo! Thank you everyone.

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Oh, I am so sorry. I don't have good news. The process of heating colored wax and applying to cloth is an art process called Batik and the color from the wax does not come out ( but the wax itself does). I'm sorry that you were introduced to this wonderful form of art in such a yucky way.
Wish I had better news. Maybe someone else has a different experience.

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answers from Denver on

YES! you can get crayon out of clothes. We had this happen TWICE and this worked like a charm both times. I was amazed.

I'm not sure about doing this in an HE washer, so you make need to check the suitability of some of the stuff and modify accordingly (Oxyclean is HE, not sure about the borax)

1) scrape off whatever crayon you can
2) put the clothes in the washer. Add the following:
a) 2 large scoops of liquid laundry detergent (whatever you use)
b) 1 c. white vinegar
c) 1 c. liquid shout
d) 1 c borax powder
e) 2 scoops oxyclean

I turned the washer on, let it fill and then let it soak (or use presoak) for about 30 minutes, then wash at the heaviest setting that you can.

The crayon will come off - it's amazing. This worked with green and black crayons on whites and khakis (2 different incidents!)

Inspect clothes CAREFULLY before putting in dryer. If anything remains, do it again.

Good luck!

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answers from Atlanta on

well I haven't ever had to deal with this but I saw my cousin once take a peice of waxed paper and a hot iron to her fllor because somehow there was either gum or crayon or something in there and she tried everything but the whole wax paper (waxy side down on the culprit) and then she had a hot iron over that -it came out. It took a couple of times but it did come out. Also another option to try is that goo gone-that I have used for other stuff and it is the bomb diggitty~;())

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answers from Tampa on

I just had something like this happen. It looked like crayon (can't be too sure because there was nothing left of the culprit) but it is over the entire load and looked like crayon. I got it out of the clothes I tried. What worked for me (and I tried everything, vinegar, hand sanitizer, nail polish remover-I tried those on a pair of underwear that was in there- so in case I needed to throw it out, i could)- nothing worked. I actually let the clothes soak in water for about a half hour. Then I took my stain remover (I used grease lightning) and I SCRUBBED. When I say scrubbed, I mean, I put elbow grease in. It took a little bit, but I got it out. My daughter's uniform shorts were in that load too!

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answers from Chicago on

This happened to my daughters' school uniforms once (except it was red crayon, yikes!)

I soaked their uniforms in a huge bucket of Oxi clean (the powdered version, mixed with warm/hot water) for the rest of the day and overnight. Then washed in the washing machine next day, most of it was out except for one of my daughters jumpers and I just repeated the process all over again and the next time I washed it was good as new! :)

Good luck!!

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answers from Denver on

We had a purple crayon in the dryer last month. What a pain! Looked online and they suggested a full box of baking soda along with normal detergent on the warm/warm (we don't have that one so I used warm/cool) cycle. 2 times through and it removed all but one small spot on the inside back collar of a tshirt. Good luck!

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