Updated on August 01, 2011
M.R. asks from Provo, UT
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When did your child learn to crawl? My 8 1/2 month old is not yet. I'm not actually worried about it because he is progressing well. He is super ahead in other areas like social and fine motor. All my friends who have babies the same age are already crawling, or at least quickly scooting. He is a roller, loves to roll to wherever he wants to go. Anyway, like I said, not worried, but when did everyones kids crawl?

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answers from Denver on

My little guy never did crawl! He went from rolling across the carpet like a little sausage to standing and walking! He did not suffer developmentally because of it and is now a wonderful 16 year old young man!


answers from Dallas on

Mine didn't crawl till he was exactly 10 months old. Then, he was pulling up & cruising about 3 weeks later. He started walking 4 days before his 1st bday.

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answers from Boston on

Crawling is not considered a milestone because not all babies crawl. Babies should have figured out some method to get around by 10 months old it doesn't matter if it's rolling, scooting, feeling, army crawl, walking, cruising, etc

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answers from Daytona Beach on

i wouldn't worry about it as long as he's meeting his other milestones. some kids don't ever crawl. my son only crawled for about a month before he was running.

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answers from Dallas on

My daughter walked at 8 months but didn't start talking until past a year of age. She didn't start crawling until 6 months old. Imagine my surprise when just a few weeks later she stood up and took off!

A kiddo in our playgroup was still commando crawling at 8 months because he was crazy fast.

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answers from San Francisco on

My daughter never crawled until after she started walking (12 months.) She didn't roll, scoot, or anything. To be honest, it made things easier since she wasn't getting into things!



answers from Washington DC on

My daughter was 11 months, and my son was 8 months. they were also really late walkers (19 months and 16 months). some kids never learn to crawl. As long as he is mobile I wouldn't worry about it. all kids are different.



answers from Denver on

My 2nd started crawling around 8mos... BUT my first never did!! She always scooted on her back or rolled, and she progressed normally. Our pediatrician said that some kids skip crawling all together and just find their own way of getting around.



answers from Cleveland on

my daughter started around 10 1/2 11 months i wanna say. then a couple weeks later was walking



answers from Topeka on

Each baby does things on his or her own time schedule...and you will drive yourself crazy if you compare or worry about each little thing.
My youngest grandson is 18 months old now and I will admit to you that I was a little worried about him for a few months...he NEVER crawled in the "normal" is hard to describe but it was sort of like a half crab crawl...he only used one leg...always the same leg...and the other leg just sort of tucked up under him and moved with the rest of his body. I truly worried that his walking would be as "odd" as his crawling...but now that he is up on two feet he is walking, running, tumbling with the best of them!!! Relax...I bet he is going to be fine.



answers from Savannah on

We are in the same boat! Our 8 month old really wants to go forward, but he gets on his hands and knees, figures out where he wants to go, and then will lay down and roll. Just thought Id let you know your not alone!



answers from Youngstown on

My daughter never crawled. She didn't like to be on the floor. Don't worry about it as long as he is meeting other milestones and growing and progressing.



answers from Cleveland on

My son crawled right after he turned 8 months. My daughter will be 10 months old this week and has just started crawling in the past 2 weeks.



answers from Dallas on

Oh my son crawled SO early. He got started around 4 months. It was a nightmare, he was into everything! And, he could crawl so fast. I don't think that's normal, though. I think my Dr. said the average (for babies who crawl at all) is somewhere in the 6-10 months range.



answers from Davenport on

My daughter didn't really crawl much - she arched her back and balanced on her head and heals and inched/scooted like an upside down looked aweful, but she would've stopped if it hurt her, she rubbed all the hair off the back of her head! She did this for months, finally crawled the "right" way around 9 months, but only for a month, then pulled up at 9 and a half months and started cruising, only crawling where there was nothing to hold onto, and walked hands-free at 10 months!!!!

She is now a very bright 4 year old and walks and talks and reads and adds and tells time.....don't let the books or the expectations of others make you feel your boy is behind the curve, he is getting where he needs to go , on his own, in his own way....he feels no need to crawl, he can roll there!


answers from Los Angeles on

There are so many styles of crawling, no "right" way, and rolling is one of them! I wish I could find the article for you, but I have an early doctor appt and have to get to sleep. It's great you're not worried, there's no reason to be ; )

Some babies crawl on their tummies moving themselves along like little Marines, or arch their backs and propel themselves forward or backwards, or see where they want to go and roll there like your guy or scoot on their tummy and kick one foot to move and drag the other like mine did or use a myriad of ways to maneuver there bodies where they want them to go. Some NEVER get up on their hands and knees to "crawl" the usual way, (my guy didn't) and ALL are normal. The best way to motivate them to move is to put toys a few feet away from them to give them a reason to want to go.

My older son crawled on hands and knees at 9 months, my daughter at 10 months, the little guy scooted at around 8.5 months.

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