Crawling Baby and Dog Hair

Updated on August 07, 2006
E.W. asks from McKinney, TX
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I need HELP! I have an adorable (of course) little girl who will be crawling soon. I also have 2 dogs, that are like family, and shed like CRAZY. They have been indoor dogs all of their lives but I don't think that will work with Isabelle crawling soon. I can just see her covered in dog hair, yuck!! I have tried everything to control the hair but nothing helps.

The only conclusion I can come to is to buy a dog house so the dogs will have shade and hopefully that will keep them cool. Does anyone know anywhere that sells a 2 dog doghouse (one 75lb lab and a 30lb mutt)? Or do you know anyone who can build one? Or offer any other solutions?? (Besides giving the dogs away, not happening)

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I don't think I can help you with the dog house (although, I would do a google search on two dog doghouse, there are several sites that sell dog houses... some are quite cute), but I can say that I have a little crawler (8mo) and two dogs and a cat. At first I was running all around trying to vacuum and use the wide sticky sheets, but my husband just kept telling me not to worry about it so much. I eventually gave in and yes, she has gotten covered in dog hair sometimes and face-planted right in a pillow of hair, but she seems none the worse for it. I've also read that children that are around animals during their first year are less prone to allergies, so I'm hoping this is helping her immune system. I guess we'll see.

Hope that helps.

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I have two dogs and two cats and a 15 month old son, My dogs and cats are all inside animals and ALL shed like crazy. I too was worried at first but there have been no problems. He has gotten a TOn of hair on him at times and it has not affected him in the leaste. I think its great for him to be around animals, he LOVES them and they love him, I would not worry about the hair, if it has not given her any problems yet then she probably wont have any when she starts crawling. I personally wouldn't recomend putting the doggies outside, I think your daughter will be just fine.
Good luck!

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I have two dogs and a cat (all indoors), so I can certainly relate to the shedding issue. My vet recently told me about a Science Diet food that helps reduce shedding in dogs from the inside-out by about 45% after the first month. I have not switched me dogs' food yet, but I do plan to. Maybe you should try that? Good luck to you!



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Surprised you haven't had this response yet, but have the dogs shaved. I know they'll look a bit funny to you until you get used to it, but it will stop the shedding. Just take them to a groomer every so often and ask them to shave the dogs. I have a friend who has her golden retriever shaved all the time. You don't usually see that, but there's no hair all over the place. Once your little one starts walking it won't be so much of an issue, I'm sure, so you could stop doing it then. Hope this helps!

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