Cramps and Bloody Show/Losing Plug

Updated on January 09, 2010
S.S. asks from Covington, KY
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Went to the hospital because I was having strong contractions 1 1/2 to 2 minutes apart and I am losing my mucus plug/ having a bloody show. They checked me said I am dilating but only 2 centimeters and effacement of 80% so they sent me home. The nurse told me she thinks I am in early labor but doesn't know how long it will be. Now my contractions aren't as strong but I am having on and off cramping in my abdomen/ pelvic area. Don't know what is going on!! Anyone have cramping after losing their plug/ having a bloody show? If you did have cramping how long did it take you to go into active labor?

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So What Happened?

Right now I am having alot of on and off pelvic pressure from his head so I think its going to be time soon! Is this normal before birth too?

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I actually did have cramping, the day that it started i went to the doctor and they said that I was only dialated 3 cm and it wasn't changing. 2 days later I start feel real strong crampings again and when I went to the doctor again he said that i had dialated to 6 cm and I had my baby early the next morning. So i would say that it shouldn't take long before you're pushing ^.^

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It NEVER hurts to call the doctor to make sure the cramping is normal. I'm not the type that sneezes & goes to the ER but when I was pregnant I didn't want to take any chances. Congratulations on the new addition!

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Get ready to go back to the hospital very soon because once you lose your bloody show you know that within the next 48 hours you will be in active labor! My contractions with my little one started up and stopped over and over again for a day and a half before they steadied out. Listen to your maternal instincts.They are usually right on... my water broke right when I got out of the car at the hospital!

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Sadly enough with my first child I never formed a mucus plug. he got his foot stuck in the birth canal in the 5th month, I had constant cramps. They gave me medication to keep me from delivering early, sadly enough I only made it to the 32 week. He was 3' 11 oz. The posibility that the baby isn't head down, the cramping won't get severe unless they are head first & pushing downward. So watch the cramping, if they get close like a 5 minutes for an extended period of time, like 30 minutes to an hour, they are coming 5 minutes apart and they are steady, call the doctor. But as long as they are at a distance, wait until your next DR visit. Just monitor distance, time period, how long, and if it is really bothering you call the Dr. an talk to him. No worry is to big or to small to warrant a call to your dr. You'r dialated, so your uterius is getting ready for that moment. I think you are uncomfortable because you have already been in & sent home. It makes you feel foolish, believe me I know. But it isn't your just being a mother, and you are conserned about going into labor. I constantly asked myself will I know these are actual labor pains, am I being to cautious. But you can never be to cautious. Good luck.

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I know it may seem scary that they keep sending you home, but losing your mucas plug could mean very little. I lost mine with my first about 10 prior to my due date, and was induced TWO WEEKS later. I was dilated 2 cm and had about the same effacement. I had none of this with my 2nd child and chose to be induced about 10 days early (my first was 10 lbs and no one knew it until I delivered him) and found I was in labor when I arrived at the hospital (I thought it was nerves). I guess my point is every delivery is different. Trust me they wouldn't send you home if there was any risk to you or the baby (liability). But if you think your closer then they do ask for a second opinion, it can't hurt and you're entitled. Momma's instinct is usually right. Best of luck!



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It sounds like your baby is not in an optimum position for birth. It SOUNDS like he's posterior. Look here for some tips on getting baby to turn anterior:
click around on the site and you can do "belly mapping" to see where baby is facing and that will help. Posterior labors tend to start/stop and come on slow and last a long time. That's because baby is trying to turn and if he doesn't turn then the largest part of his head is presenting and has to mould. It just takes longer.
Many blessings and happy Labor Day!!

Waterbirth Credentialed
Director, Dayton Area Labor Support
Chapter Leader, ICAN of Dayton

Oh and one more thing, the longer you can stay OUT of the hospital the better it will be for you & your baby. Wait until your contractions are 3 minutes apart, lasting for 1 minute, for about an hour and you cannot talk through them and you should be close to transition! (unless of course your water breaks and is not clear, then you would need to go in and be checked....or if your provider does not agree)



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all these things are preparing for labor, but the timeline is different for every woman. be patient.

and be glad you didn't have to spend early labor at the hospital-- you can relax a lot better at home.

i just had my third baby... and after a day of contractions i was only 1 cm... so i kind of gave up on forcing labor to happen (walking, etc) and just sat down and watched tv and enjoyed relaxing. it was a good thing because she wasn't born till the next day and i was up all night with hard contractions. so be patient. you are in early labor, but early labor can take longer than you'd like. HOWEVER!!!! it's much better to have early labor last a long time than the last stages, right?? :) (i had a LONG early labor... but active labor only lasted about 2 hours!! i hope you have a similar story!!)

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