Cramping and 4 Weeks Prego

Updated on November 27, 2010
E.R. asks from Scottsboro, AL
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I just found out sunday that I am prego the docs don't want to see me till I am 8 weeks so that put me at 4 weeks when I found out only sighn was missed period and we had been trying for about 2 months for our first baby so it is all new to me lol anyways I have only had cramps just feeling crampiness it comes and goes it has been about two weeks now is it normal and will the crampiness go away I asked a friend and she said it was normal she felt the same thing for a little while just want to know if anyone else has gone through this as well

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answers from Lafayette on

Hi E.,
My name is T.. I have a 3 year old and for about 1 month I felt that cramping feeling. It was kinda like a mild period cramp. I read up on it and the research says that is normal. As long as you are not spotting I probably wouldn't worry about it!


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answers from Boston on

I cramped through my whole pregnancy - both of them. The first time it made me so panicked! Unless they're really bad, painful, or accompanied by blood, it's nothing to worry about (easier said than done). Make sure you're drinking _lots_ of water, even though you will have to pee every three seconds. It helps.


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answers from Atlanta on

I have 2 children one 10yrs old - no cramps with the first one just 10 weeks old and that was 1 of my major symptoms I had terrible cramps it's just things expanding down there. My cramps cont. throughout the pregnancy I just took acetaminophen.

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answers from Austin on

I am a midwife. Cramping is completely normal. They make you wait because there is nothing to do this early. There is no heartbeat yet and you would be able to see little to nothing on an ultrasound. And if were to start to miscarry nothing can be done.
Also, since this is your first baby please read the book Pushed by Jennifer Block. It is a must read for every pregnant mother.


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answers from Dothan on

Cramping then the flutters come in, where it feels like you have literally butterflies in your tummy lol. Its normalbut if ya start bleeding heavily call the doc

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answers from Portland on

I hate that doctors make you wait! I had cramping off and on throughout and agree with Jane M. One thing I did, because I was so annoyed with having to wait, was made an urgent appointment with my primary at the time. As fate would have it, my primary was out of town but they didn't want to wait so got me in to see a family practice doctor who was wonderful. He was in his 60's and was so reassuring and answered all of my questions and worries. It eased my mind and was well worth the visit even though he essentially said what Jane M did!

He explained that he thought they made newly pregnant women wait until week 8 because of all the fears that come with first time and new pregnancies. He also said I could call his nurse with any concerns I had before the 8 week appointment so I didn't have to feel alone and he would make sure they responded in a timely manner. This eased my stress and actually reduced some of my early pregnancy symptoms as a result.

I'm sure you are fine:) But if there is any spotting or bleeding definitely go in. Cramping is but one of the many things that go along with pregnancy for sure. The book "What to expect when you're expecting" prooved very helpful as well:)


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answers from San Francisco on

I had cramps with both my kids(right before my period was due) i had all the classic signs of a period I just had no blood... If you're not feeling well go lay down for a little bit.

Congrats :)

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answers from Houston on

its totally normal. your uterus and everything is getting ready for the baby. i felt some mild crampyness my entire pregnancy. its so much fun and hard work. try getting a day by day pregnancy book- i have one and it shows the growth and development of your baby every day. it really helped me understand what was going on and what i was feeling. im so excited for you and your family- congrats!

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answers from Dallas on

My understanding is that they make you wait for your first appointment because they can't ultrasound you and pick up a heartbeat before then. The baby is too small. I had the same alarming cramping with my first pregnancy. I called the doctor, and she told me that it was happening because my uterus was stretching. She definitely wasn't concerned.

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