Crafty Moms Need Ides for Halloween Crafts for Kindergaten Class

Updated on October 17, 2007
P.P. asks from Plano, TX
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Hi everyone,
my daughter's kinder Halloween party is two weeks from today. I offered to make easy crafts for the children to make/finish. What are good ideas for Halloween crafts? I was thing paper bag ghost puppets but other than that I've got nothing. Also if you have ideas for Halloween cupcakes I would appreciate it too.
Any and every input is appreciated.
Thanks and Happy Halloween to you all!

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So What Happened?

Thank you girls! I'm actually baking the cupcakes this afternoon, they're for tomorrow's halloween party at my daughter's school. I'll go with their recipe for the frosting and if I get creative I'll make the monster ones. I liked the spiders but another friend is doing spider crafts so I'll make the cupcakes with a different theme.
Wish me luck and thank you all!

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You can make spider tamborines out of paper plates. Get 2 black party plates and fill with dry beans and staple them shut. Then, take 8 black pipe cleaners, hole punch 4 hole on each side for the legs, and thread a pipe cleaner through each hole.

Than, give the children fuzzy pom-poms or adhesive foam circles to stick on for eyes. They can decorate the spider with glitter and glue or Halloween stickers.

And the same with cupcakes. Use little things like candy corn, mini marshmallows for monster teeth, black licorice for spider legs... to decorate them cute. Also, regular food coloring won't give you a bright color, go to the cake decorating isle at Wal Mart or Micheals... and they have the paste or gel food coloring that will make a bright color. I just mix it into white or cream cheese store bought frosting.

Here are some cute ideas for cupcakes.

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Check out

You'll find alot of Halloween crafts that should be lots of fun for your daughters class to do.

Have Fun!

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I actually just did a craft with my son today and we made bat mobiles. I had my son color some 3 by 5 cards then I got a bat stencil off the internet and a moon stencil and cut them out taped them to string and then to a hanger! Easy easy easy!!!!

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