Crafty Moms- How Can I Make These Chocolate Chip Cookies Halloween Like?

Updated on October 11, 2011
ღ.. asks from Detroit, MI
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Here is the recipe if you want it-

These are amazing!! They are super easy and my kids love making them. I use a cookie scoop when I put them on the cookie sheet, and they do come out ball like. Little balls of awesomeness! Anyways, one batch makes A LOT, and we have a bunch of Halloween parties to go to, I want to make these for the parties, but Im at a loss on how to decorate them Halloween like. Not very creative. I need ideas! Help! Thanks! :)

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So What Happened?

Love the ideas so far! You little geniuses!!

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answers from Salt Lake City on

If you have difficulty finding Halloween M & M's, you could also use Reeses Pieces as they are fall colors. They would be pretty tatsy mixed with choclate chips!

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answers from Tallahassee on

There are usually different colored M&M's for all of the holidays. You could substitute some Halloween M&M's for the chocolate chips.

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answers from Dover on

I've definitely seen Halloween chocolate chips by Toll House in past years. They're orange, green & white & in the shapes of pumpkins!

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answers from Lansing on

What about getting some orange white chocolate pieces (You know the candy you buy and put in those little molds) and cutting them up in chunks and adding them to your cookie dough with the chocolate chips.

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answers from Dallas on

If they're ball shaped, dip in white choc candy coating (I use white almond bark). While they're still wet, put a gummy life saver and a mini choc chip in the middle of the life saver -- looks like an eyeball.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

You can usually find holiday colored chocolate chips... use orange chips? If you can find orange and green chocolate chips, maybe place one green one at the top, like pumpkin stem?

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answers from Kansas City on

get those halloween cookie cutters from the craft stores. Roll the dough flat on a pre dusted with flower surface (cookie sheet or wax paper, so the shapes are easily removed), helps to dust your rolling pin so the dough don't stick to it (or rub some veg oil on it). Cut out the shapes and bake as normal.

Use food coloring.. Orange, or green or purple.

Or get the halloween M 'n M's and replace the choc chip for those.

Have fun with it.

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answers from Sherman on

black and orange reeses pieces!

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answers from New York on

orange food coloring?

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answers from Dallas on

You could ice them white with one choclate chip cookie in the middle then use red icing to draw little lines to make them look like blood shot eyes.

Or you could get a couple cute little trick or treat buckets and some halloween tissue paper. Put the cookies, as is, in the bucket. That would be way easier, less messy and still a really festive presentation.

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answers from Houston on

well you could always use thin black/orange/green icing, put it in a spiral on top of the cookie and run a toothpick through it horizontally starting from the center...out. Making it look like spider webs on top of the cookie. Then put little plastic spiders on top of them.

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