Crafts for a Couple of 2 Yr Olds

Updated on April 07, 2007
M.P. asks from Oceanside, CA
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I will be watching two 2yr olds and was wondering if anyone knew of any non-messy crafts i could do with them to keep them entertained.

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answers from Jacksonville on

There is this great website It has crafts for children of all ages as well as coloring pages and other great things for kids. I hope you find it as useful as I have.

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answers from Los Angeles on

these crafts have very little mess and they are great gifts for the mom(s). Kids have fun making them and moms love getting them.
1. is buy fabric crayons at a craft store. Give each child a piece of blank paper and let them draw whatever they want. Buy cheap white t-shirts at a 99 cent store or other cheap place and iron the picture onto the shirt or whatever you like. (tote bags,fabric book cover etc, you get the idea.) Kids love this because they made it has no mess and they are very proud of their creations. Good idea is to give them a coloring page of a favorite character and trace the outline with a black fabric crayon when they are done coloring and iron. Then they have a very detailed design.

2. make paper bag puppets. Get a brown lunch bag for each child and cut out different pieces for the eyes, nose, mouth ect... then allow them to glue in place. To limit the glue mess, give q-tips to apply glue. easy clean up and you can have a puppet show afterwards.

3.this is a fun one. Allow the kids to help make their lunch. Making pizza bagels are so easy and you can let them add what they like. Just take out the ingredients and place in separate bowls for each. Tell the child to wash their hands (now is a good time to teach them why washing is important)then give each a plate and a bagel. Help them add sauce and allow them to choose the toppings. So fun and they will finish their lunch.

4. * Winter Beach Party
Bring that fun-in-the-sun feeling into your home with a winter beach bash. Spread beach towels on the living room floor; wear your swimsuit and a pair of flippers (why not?); feast on hot dogs; make castles out of clay and play- dough; and don’t forget to take pictures!

5. Now i know it's too cold for ice cream but when it comes to kids, it never is so here is a receipe that kids can make their own ice cream and almost no mess. Plus it makes a great dessert after lunch. Make it before lunch to insure it is ready to eat.Buy a ice mix package at wal-mart found where the ice cream machines are for like 2.00. buy vanilla and follow the variations on the back to make chocolate,or berry flavors.follow pack =age directions when mixing.
Place your ice cream mixture in a standard coffee can to within 2 inches from the top, seal the lid airtight with duct tape, and place it inside a large economy-size coffee can. Fill about 3/4 of the space between the two cans with a mixture of 2/3 ice or snow and 1/3 crushed rock salt (water softener salt, sidewalk salt, or ordinary table salt can also be used), then tightly seal the larger can.

Now place the can on its side on the floor or ground and roll it back and forth for 10 to 15 minutes. Then, open the large can, take the small can out, and after wiping all the salt and water off, open it and stir the semi-frozen mixture. Reseal the cans after topping up the ice and salt, and continue rolling for another 10 to 15 minutes to finish freezing your ice cream.

Like the young girl in the anecdote above, I believe you will also decide that "life is short," but the coffee can ice cream recipe is fun to try -- once. The ice cream freezes much faster in the winter if you roll the can outside when the temperature is below freezing and snow and ice are covering the ground. In any event, it is sure to give you a wonderful time with your children.

I hope this has been helpful. I know my 3 year loves these projects when his 3 year old cousin is here. have fun and remember.

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answers from Sacramento on

I run a daycare from home so need lots of ideas. I go to you can find anything you need. They even have my favorites, pre packaged craft ideas, you pick your art project that you would like to do and it comes all cut and ready to do, instructions are included and they are usualy enough to do eight. This works great for me because I am not a crafty person. Also very reasonable priced.

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answers from Portland on

my fave is waterpainting. if you get construction paper wet, it looks like you painted it darker. you can give 2 yr olds paint brushes and small, heavy bottom cups with an inch or less of water and let them 'paint'. they love it and there is no mess. not only that but once your paper is dry it can be used again. they are way more excited by the process than the result so they don't care that the picture magically disappears.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Play-doh is great for all ages. Tearing paper is fun and builds motor skills in the hands and fingers. It can pretty much be glued to anything. Finger paints are fun but messy! 2 is also a good age to introduce safety scissors with supervision of course. Good luck!

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answers from Spokane on

Love the Aqua doodle. Got it from grandparents for x-mas for the two year old and the older two play with it as well. Try to find the pre-colored pages. We got Dora...with water in your "pen" it colors the page (reusable) with all colors. Black hair purple balloons so cute. B. Rae



answers from Anchorage on

I have a large roll of butcher paper, so whenever I want to do projects I cover the whole area with butcher paper,
Also my 22mo old just likes to color on the paper
Then when he's done any mess can be thrown away :)



answers from Portland on

is this a long term thing? or just for a day or two?
seems like messy means fun!! :)

our two year olds love packing peanuts in a kiddie pool.. only messy that you have to pick it up.. but other than that it doens't make paint or glue mess!

Also... turning on the water to a slow drip...or a little more at the kitchen sink.. give them cups and funnels.. they'll make a water mess but they love it!! that running water is a huge hit with this age!

Also stickers like others have said, and you can find the foam ones at dollar tree.. great for fine motor as long a you make them take off the backing...

hmm.. markers don't last long cuz they want to draw on the table etc.... I like the aquadoodle idea...

I make dots of glue on paper and they love to put cotton balls all over it.

they don't understand the idea of glue unless you make the dots or swirls first. ;)

playdough is fun too...

yeah.. 2 year olds are kinda messy... can't really get around it!!



answers from Las Vegas on

My son is almost 2 and he loves doing stickers. We get a box of tons of stickers at Michaels for a buck and they last forever. They aren't too messy and whatever ends up on the floor can usually be vaccumed up. They also have a pretty good dollar section at Michaels and they have coloring books. It usually isn't too messy with crayons. Good Luck!



answers from Portland on

Surely you jest! No mess, where's the fun in that? Simple cut and past projects are the least messy if you insist. Get out your old magazines and cut out fun pics for them to make a poster. All they need is Paper and Stick glue for this one if you do the prep work. Smiles B.



answers from San Diego on

I have a two year old as well, and the best things I have found so far are the foam craft kits (find at Michael's or Target). Then I hide any messy glue or strings that come with them. All of the other parts are stickers so they can just peel, stick, and color and make all kinds of things like photo frames, door hangers, bookmarks, etc. Also, the Crayola Model Magic (I think that's the name) works similar to playdo but it doesn't crumble apart and stick to everything.



answers from Portland on

do a google for preschool crafts and there are tons of great sites. We have found some great stuff for the childcare kids here. For Christmas we made angels usuing the kids hands for wings and feet for body. The resources abound.



answers from Spokane on

You can buy markers that will only write on the coloring book you buy with them. You can buy them anywhere they sell school/art supplies. I think they're called "mess free." Good Luck.



answers from Los Angeles on

well, i wouldn't say this isn't messy, but..... this morning i put my 18month old in an empty bathtub with his washable, non toxic paints. i taped paper to the sides and bottom, gave him brushes and sponges and let him go at it.... afterwords, i just turned the shower on.... it all came right off.... anyway, it was really fun....

you could also take them outside and give them a bucket of water and paint brushes.... let them 'paint' the house, fence... or whatever!

have fun!



answers from Richland on

I also have a two year old and he loves to sit in his highchair and play with play-dough and its non toxic if he eats it so theres lunch too (LOL), my son likes to roll his cars in it and makes tracks, and cut it with a butter knife.We also like to go to Michaels Craft store,or any in your area where you can get age approiate crafts that have everything you need in them, the nice thing is you can get them for a couple of bucks, very inexpensive.

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