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Updated on January 21, 2012
N.W. asks from Henderson, NV
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I am a infant teacher and need some ideas of some crafts for my babies to do. They have to do it. 6 weeks to 15 months old.

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answers from Chicago on

How about finger painting? It's messy but something my girls always enjoyed!

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answers from New York on

You can have them explore textures such as felt, paper and cardboard. You can let them have some fun with Scotch tape and/or stickers on paper?

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answers from Columbia on

Hand or foot casting. You create life size replicas of their hand or foot. Super easy...and they're ALWAYS a hit with parents. You can then paint them a pretty color and mark the date on them. Viola! Lifetime keepsake.

Unfortunately, any crafts you do at this age will be more work for you than anything else.

Here's an example:

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answers from Dallas on

you could stamp thier little hands and feet on paper as a keepsake for mom and dad

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answers from Chicago on

Food coloring and shaving cream in a large baggie tapped shut to squish.



answers from Cleveland on

At this age it's mostly about sensory experiences.

get a roll of contact paper. cut to 8x10 or 5x5 size tape non sticky side down to the table, peel the backing off, give the kids an assortment of items to stick on, ( little better for those over age 1) I would use squares of tissue paper and hand them one at a time with great supervision. I"m sure you could use feathers or squares of construction paper, cotton balls or even cheerios.

freeze paint or foodcolored water in icecube trays stick popsicle sticks in for handles. give them finger paint paper and let them make marks on the paper with the melting colored water.

make homemade non toxic playdough ( can be scented with koolaid) and give them pipecleaners ( probably 5 inches) to poke into the playdough-- you would have to totally supervise, Actually uncooked pasta might be better, spagetti or maybe rigatoni's.

get a ball maybe 4 inches or so and dip it in paint and roll it back and forth on a large sheet of paper, either strip that baby to their diaper or put a very well protecting paint smock on .

I've taked photos of the children and had the kids help me glue them on a doiley for v day or an umbrella or something for a seasonal bboard.

just random marker marks can be presented cutely. on a sweet little cut out shape.

as your supervisor for some ideas if they are forcing you to do this. All my ideas are for kids that atleast have a finger mobility. I can't see anything beyond a handprint or foot print for kids youngr than 6 mo.
I get teacher idea books at my library. its in the kids section. I"m sure if you googled or youtubed you woudl find some ideas


answers from Los Angeles on

When my youngest was a wee bebe, we mostly did paint projects... handprints that look like turkeys (brown palm, yellow thumb, fingers all different colors, draw on an eye and legs), footprints that look like ghosts (white foot, draw on eyes), etc. Washable paint is the best thing in the whole world!

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