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Updated on December 09, 2008
M.B. asks from Cotati, CA
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I am looking for a cradle swing that is not the papasan style. My son has outgrow the papasan seat but likes the cradle swing (side to side swinging). Does anyone know of a particular swing like this? Im having a hard time finding one. Thanks

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So What Happened?

I appreciate the offers to buy a secondhand swing however because this is my first child I would like to purchase a new one so it will last through other children. Thanks

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answers from San Francisco on

Is the Fischer Price Rainforest swing big enough? I have that one vs the papasan style. They swing both ways but seem to be similiar, but the seat is a good size.

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answers from Stockton on

I have used the ocean wonders swing by fisher price for all three of my kids and they love it and I love it as well. It entertains them and swings them. You can only get it online now.

You can find them on ebay and craigslist too.
good luck,



answers from San Francisco on

Hi there, I livein the Mtn View area and want to sell our Graco swing for $25. Email me if you are interested.
It is green and in good condition. My 3 kids used it for about 5 months each. The mobile part of it is missing, but they grab at it and break it anyway!




answers from San Francisco on

Hi M.,
we have the fisher price aquarium cradle swing and are looking to unload it. our girl is uninterested in it now and we'd love to give it to you!
we are actually the 3rd users of it but it's in great condition. the swing mechanism is still very smooth and as long as the batteries are fresh, all the bells and whistles still work too. if you can get to sf to pick it up it's all yours. just give me a ring ###-###-####
if not, i highly recommend this swing. when she was newborn-3mos. she took naps in it an dup until 6mo. she really enjoyed it.



answers from Sacramento on

The full size fisher price ones (we had the aquarium one for our kids) go both ways. They have one handle that can swivel and it swings both back and forth or "flip" side to side, whichever your baby likes better!



answers from San Francisco on

You don't say how old your son is. I would want you to remember that he will soon OUTGROW the swing by being able to roll. Think long and hard before spending money on a new system that will only last days.
Can you spend time rocking him in your arms?



answers from San Francisco on

As others have mentioned, Fisher Price makes several that can be a front-to-back swing or side-to-side. They also have several models that have a plug-in option in addition to battery-powered, which is a really nice feature. They seem to run in the $100-120 range, new...

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