Cradle Cap Odor?

Updated on October 13, 2008
R.G. asks from Atkinson, NH
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My 3 month old son has a slight touch of cradle cap. I've been using Aquaphor, but he still has some stubborn spots. I have noticed that his scalp has a funny odor. Even after a shampoo he still smells odd. My 2 other children had cradle cap, but I don't remember this odor. He is breast fed and supplemented with soy formula, but I don't think that would cause the odor. Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions on getting back that sweet baby smell?

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I think if the cradle cap is thick it may have a waxy kind of smell. But on another subject I have been doing a lot of reading about soy and you might want to read this article and reconsider soy can affect a child's reproductive system, thyroid and other problems. There are benefits to eating soy but it can also affect adult health negatively as well. The articles are very interesting.


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Hi R.,

I haven't gotten the chance to read the other responses but my son had a touch of cradle cap when he was about 3 months old and the smell was aweful. This is what I did, old wives tale (my mom said) but it worked and he hasn't had cradle cap since...I took a fine tooth comb and brush and a some EOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) and put it on his scalp. I brushed and comb his hair till it was all out then I gave him a really good bath and washed his hair. Afterwards I put a touch of Lavender Baby Oil on his scalp. He didn't mind one bit either and he just sat in my arms the entire time while I did it. I haven't had any problems since. Good Luck and I know its sounds yukky but it does work or atleast it did for us. Let me know how you make out! Good luck!

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I looked up Cradle Cap odor and found this...

Sometimes an over-growth of the yeast called Pityrosporum ovale may also contribute to the condition.

They reccommend seeing a dermatologist for a prescription cream.

If you go to this site... they have some homeopathic choices for plain ole cradle cap.

Good luck.

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My son had an awful case of cradle cap. We used baby oil before each bath, and combed it all out, but it always came back within a few days. We finally used a Cradle Cap Cream - it's all natural, smelled good, and had a picture of Pooh on the bottle. It was near the other baby creams at the store. We used it liberally, combed it out, and within 3 uses his cradle cap was gone! Now his head is soft and fuzzy, and sweet smelling as it should be.



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My daughter has what looks like to me is still cradle cap but in fact due to her thick hair it has become exzyma of the scalp (she is now 10yrs old). She too had the odor you are talking about so I took her to the doctors who then told me it had turned into a yeast infection which needed anitbiotic cream as well as the shampoo and antibiotics. The cream helped some but from that day on we keep her hair trimmed almost like a boys cut as well as thinned out. Not sure if this will help but I would have the doc's look into it.



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My daughter responded well to Olive Oil. It was recommended by a nurse in the hospital when we were there for a lengthy stay. Within a couple of days the odor and cradle cap were gone.
Good Luck!



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My son had cradle cap and our pediatrician recommended a anti-dandruff shampoo like head n' shoulders. We used it twice and it cleared it completely. Good luck!



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use warm olive oil, rub into his scalp and let it sit about 5 min. use a baby comb and gently comb out all the flakes, comb for a good 5 mins. wash his hair afterward. You may need to do this a few times but, it will take care of it, it worked with both my girls! Good luck!

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