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Updated on March 21, 2012
K.J. asks from McKinney, TX
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my 3 month old infant has cradle cap and its to the point where she has lost some of her hair and now has some bald spots as well as sores from her scratching her scalp. i washed her hair with aquaphor baby wash/shampoo. but i was wondering if i can put vitamin a&d cream on her scalp where its sore at????

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So What Happened?

I took my baby to her peditrician this morning, and she told me touse SELSUN BLUE SHAMPOO or HEAD & SHOULDERS. She also told me to avoid the use of any types of oils. It just makes the cradle cap worse. Plus she said for me to use a little bit of Aveeno Moisturizer Cream to keep her hair moisturized.

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answers from New York on

My son had it all yucky and yellow. I massage baby oil (or olive oil) and then then it hang out for a bit under a hat. Then I used the plastic baby comb and I gently but firmed chipped away at it. I also used my finger nails to get it up. He never had sores though...I would ask you doctor about that. It could be an infection.

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answers from Dallas on

Our little one had a lot of craddle cap too but not to the degree of getting sores and losing hair........we got his head shaved off (ask dr first since yours has sores), used coconut oil after bath (pure - it solidifies so you have to put the bottle in hot water before use - the one that doesn;t solidify has other stuff in it that you don't want to use on a baby) and also one a week we would use a tea tree oil shampoo that my husband used for his dandruff (extra careful to not get in eyes) - we did this for a couple of weeks and saw immediate relief.
Good Luck!



answers from Bloomington on

Selsum Blue, just don't get it in her eyes. Use a pea sized amount. That will help with the cradle cap, when sores clear up. Sorry, I know that' s not really the question you asked.



answers from Dallas on

Look up pine tar soap as a remedy.



answers from Dallas on

My pediatrician said to use Selsun Blue every other day on the spots. She also said tea tree oil would work if you want a more natural approach but that it may cause boys to develop breasts temporarily. (this goes away once you stop using it)



answers from Savannah on

I am not sure about the sores, but my son had a case of bad cradle cap minus the sores and this was how we got rid of it.

Use a beanbclean brush while washing hair.
I was given a very similar brush when we left the hospital, but it broke easily. This one is much sturdier.

Massage any kind of oil on the scalp. Baby, olive, coconut etc.

Take a baby comb and back comb the hair very carefully, a little at a time. The cradle cap will come off in large flakes (unfortunately, the hair will come off too). We did this from 3.5 months to 4 months and it was gone!

I would not comb until the sores are under control. My pediatrician had given us the go ahead to comb his head and pull the flakes off. He wasn't bothered by it at all.



answers from Chicago on

We tried everything under the sun for my son. Nothing worked. No baby oil, olive oil, brushing, or anything. His was so severe that he was bald and it started traveling down his face. He had cradle head. What finally did it was hydrocortizone cream. He was prescribed 2% by his pediatrician, but you can get 1% over the counter. The doctor also told us to use dandruff shampoo, taking extra care to not get it in his eyes. Good luck!



answers from Atlanta on

To my knowledge you can put on the cream and it will help, but vitamin e will be much better. Vitamin e from a gel cap cut open and squeeze on to the spot. It's better than using the e oil. It works wonders.

The best to you and your little one



answers from Dallas on

Please do not use Selsun Blue on your infant! It contains toxic chemicals that shouldn't be going anywhere near your baby. Use coconut or olive oil instead.



answers from Johnson City on

I used baby oil, rubbed it in good about 5-10 minutes before bathtime, and used that soft bristle brudh most baby dolls come with that you can get cheap to go in a circular motion around my daughters entire headto help sluff of the scales, used the shea butter hair and body wash, and was realy careful but brushed her hair again after her bath, lightly, and I put the brush in the bath water to wash the baby oil out.

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