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Updated on September 07, 2011
L.G. asks from Hollywood, MD
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I'm a coupon clipper, but I want to get better. I generally just browse the coupon inserts and clip the ones I think I'll use. I want to start getting into a routine of matching coupons with current sales. I realize there are some sites out there that do this research for me/us. So, what are your "go to" sites? I don't have hours to spend on couponing, so I'd appreciate hearing your best tips and/or sites for couponing.

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answers from Pittsburgh on matches your local stores sales with the coupons that are out there--if you save the inserts & file by date, it will tell you which insert from what date & where & when to use for the largest % savings. And it's free.

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answers from Seattle on

I have had to wade through how to do this...The people on Extreme couponing make it look easy. HA!

This is what I do...and I am starting to market to my family and friends that if they would like help with getting their couponing started I would love to do it because it is not to hard when done my way(at least for me).

Every Sunday I go to the In Laws to clip their coupons and check out adds.

I always keep them organized and in top corner write where they are to be used..i.e. Target, Super Market...that sort of thing.

Then Wednesday of a payday week, I start shopping the coupon sites online and printing out Manufactured coupons.

I will go to to get their store coupons. If you have never used their coupons and you shop at need to. Friday when I did a Target run the coupons for their store alone saved me over fourty bucks. I went from almost three hundred to under 250....that is awesome when you are buying stuff you normally buy on a two week basis but I get a discount...cause I took some extra time:)

So Target coupons are a must if you love them:)

I will work Wednesday and Thursday all day getting ready for Errand Friday. I map out the best route to get around to save on gas. I take a cooler filled with ice, so when I go to the store and get something that needs to stay cold, I am not hurrying to get home....This is especially important and one of my newer time and gas saving tricks. And I tell you what I wish I had thought of it sooner.

By Friday morning I have everything arsenal of things to keep the kids happy..along with a few planned treats to a play ground and a lunch at McDonald's...usually helps bribe my sanity and good behavior outta them.

So sum it up..
Plan early.
Always be looking for coupons(they fall into our laps sometimes and we never notice how much we can save)
Online sites I get most my manufacturer's from are they have both in store and manu. coupons on their site) and
Have everything mapped out ahead of time.
Lists are your best friend
If you have to drag kids along make sure they have stuff to make them not drive you crazy.

You really just have to find a groove with coupons that works for you. Alot of the sites will have the same coupons. Some of the sites charge to get their coupons...I am talking pennies here but still there is a fee.

Hope some of this helps...If you would like a bit more specific Organizing techniques I would be more then thrilled to pass them along. I am in the process of helping get my best friend on an Errand Friday only shopping Diet...where I do all the researching and printing off for her and then go with her to help her see how to get things cheaper:) I am hoping to inspire alot of my family to cut back to two shopping trips a month...You save so much with this..instead of doing the back and forth to the grocery store every other day:)

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We use a lot.

Good question.



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My fave site is It has all the local stores near you and tells you what items to buy when and with what coupons. It is a stockpiling method but I have saved a ton of money with it. You do have to pay a fee every eight weeks but it is definitely worth it.



answers from Dallas on

www, &

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