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Updated on March 30, 2011
M.Y. asks from Kalamazoo, MI
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Hey everyone...just wondering if any of you have used on-line sites to get your coupons from. If so what are your favorite sites? Which ones didn't you like or use? I haven't done much with on-line coupon sites, but a friend recommended the grocery game and the Meijer MealBox sites, which I got great coupons off this weekend so I thought I'd check to see if you all knew of any other sites out their that were worth it. I tried looking up some, but they seemed to have super long registering processes or like The Coupon Master where you have to order them (paying like .5 cents handling on them) and then wait for them to come in the mail...they seem to have a lot of great coupons too, but didn't know if anyone has ever used that site and if it's legit...Any and all input is welcomed! Thanks in advance ladies :)

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answers from Detroit on

It's a bit different then what you are asking for but I see that you live on the west side of the state so it might be in your area.
The site is called
I think you pay about $20 a month and they tell you when and where to use the coupons you get in the newspaper on Sunday to get the best price. They claim you get alot of stuff free if you use the coupons right. Some of the testimonials are pretty impressive.
As far as coupon sites, the stores in my area always give me a hard time when I try to use internet coupons so I've just gave up! I hope you have more luck them me!

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answers from Grand Rapids on

Hi M.,
In addition to the sites already given in other responses. I have also used:
You do have to pay a few cents per coupon, however the savings is still greater for me. I usually order my coupons on Sunday or Monday and still have them in time before the ads run out at the end of the week. They are mailed from Florida so it does take a few days to arrive. Some coupons have a min of 5 but most you can just order what you want. I hope this helps you. Good Luck.



answers from Detroit on

I use eversave. They're pretty good. :)



answers from Detroit on

I heard about one on the radio a few days ago. I have not used it but the site is The DJ Host that talked about it said they really like it (but I think they are supposed to do that..haha).



answers from Lansing on

I have used the coupons master many times and yes it is legit. I usually have wait about 5 days before I get them. There is also coupon clippers and coupons and things by dede. They are both sites to purchase coupons but the dede site allows you to purchase the entire insert which is nice. I also use ebay for some of my weekly need coupons. There are several online printabel sites like where you just print the coupn off your computer, you can print each coupon twice. Other than that all I can recommend is a site called It is a site dedicated to saving through coupons and rebates. They cover many stores like Meijer, Kroger, Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, Target, and Walmart. Basically people post any good finds they come across and some sites even have the stores ad weeks in advance which comes in handy if you are going to be ordering your coupons. And there are always people who post how they are going to do their shopping trips to save money which gives other people ideas. Since I started using this site I have been able to lower my weekly budget for food, household products, and baby needs to $50 for a family of 5 with two in diapers. And the best part is usually everything is name brand which cost much less than off brand. For instance I spent $4.86 at CVS last week and purchased 4 12 packs of diet coke, 2 sunsilk shampoos, 2 covergirl foundations, 2 bag of pretzles, 2 hersey candy bars, 1 colgate toothbrush, 1 colgate toothpaste,and 1 gilette razor. I saved a total of 91% and will get $4.80 back with I return the cans for the deposit. And this was a deal that someone else had posted and I just copied. I hope that this helps you.



answers from Grand Rapids on

I have used I believe it is You can get pages and pages of coupons. I use this often. You can get some pretty good ones off it. Also you can use Betty Cocker, Nestle, Pillisbury and all you have to do is sign up and you can get coupons off of those as well. They are mostly for baking stuff but a coupon is a coupon. You do not have to pay anything for them just print them off at home. I use them at the grocery store every chance I can.

What is the grocery game and Meijer Mealbox sites, what are those ones?




answers from Grand Rapids on

I use, and for most of my coupons and some of the manufacturs sites directly. I usually shop at Meijer and they have never given me problems using printed coupons from the internet.

I do also use The Coupon Master for things that we use a lot of since you have to order a min. of 3 of each coupon. I have found that if I order Sunday or Monday, I have them by the end of the week for Friday/Saturday shopping.

I have also used Savings Angel that the other gal mentioned, but I found that I usually do better on my own. They also have errors. For example, I got an email from them this week saying that Juicy Juice was on sale at Meijer for $1.86. I could not find Juicy Juice on sale in the flyer, on the online flyer, or in the store. There is a similar site,, that under the Grocery Deals by State does the same thing as Savings Angel, but for fewer stores - but it is free. They are also not 100% accurate all of the time, but it doesn't bother me as much since it is free. =)

Hope this helps -


answers from Detroit on

M. -

I am a member of MyPoints, a free site that gives you "points" for purchases you make. You can then redeem the points you accumulate for things like gift cards and stuff. They have a coupon section where you enter your zip code and they show you coupons for your area that you can print and use. Check this site out if you're interested:

If you want more info or if you're interested in joining, shoot me a message and I'll send you an invitation to join.

I am also a member of Upromise, another free site that gives you a percent of your total purchase back into your account that you can apply to a 529 college savings plan for your child(ren). I kind of like this one better because you just choose the coupons you want to use, link them to your grocery or drugstore member card (i. e., Kroger or CVS card) and the coupon is redeemed when you swipe your store member card at the checkout. It saves paper and saves time because you're not stuck searching for a pile of clipped coupons. Check out some of the savings here:

Again, if you want more info on Upromise (or MyPoints), shoot me a message and I'll answer your questions and send you an invite to join. Both sites are totally free.

Hope this helps!



answers from Eau Claire on

If you don`t have a lot of time for shopping and looking for newspaper coupons, I sincerely recommend using online coupons. You save a lot of time and money
I personally use , it deals with many stores and have great discounts.

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