Couple's Baby Shower Advice

Updated on April 05, 2008
M.N. asks from Flower Mound, TX
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Does anyone know any games for a couple's baby shower or any suggestions for some party favors?

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answers from Dallas on

Here' a fun one that I have used on a few occasions.

1. Pass out notecards to each person
2. Have them write a question concerning babies. Don't write the answer.
ex. How do you know the bath water is the right temperature?
3. Pick up all the cards
4. Pass them out again. This time with the question facing down.
5. With the question facing down, have them write the answer to their question on the back.
6. Have the mom &/or dad to be read the questions and answers back

You end up with funny results.

ex. How do you know if your baby needs to be changed?
Stick your elbow in to test.

It is fun.

Good luck,



answers from Los Angeles on

I recently threw a couple's shower that was pretty fun. For games we played a matching game of match the baby name with the celebrity parents, we played Don't Drop the Baby (musical passing of a doll then when the music stops, whoever is holding the baby is out, and we played a guessing game od how many m&m's are in the baby bottle. You would be surprised to know that the men played everything!! Everyone enjoyed the games...and they weren't too cheesy.
For prizes for the order to be unisex I gave out food items from Harry and David including chocolates, fancy trail mixes and moose munch. We didn't do individual favors for everyone...

Good luck and have fun!



answers from Dallas on

I did a couple's baby shower - one of the funniest ones was a diapering game... just for the guys. Kinda like the one already suggested, but a little different. I had a pretty life like baby doll, a cloth diaper, 2 safety pins and a blind fold. First you blindfold the dad. Then you put the baby somewhere in front of him and the 2 safety pins and diaper. Once you say go, he has to feel for the baby, cloth diaper and safety pins and get the baby diapered. It's pretty funny to watch.... especially when they start diapering the wrong part of the doll!

Another one is baby food guessing game.... again with a twist. You get 10 disposable diapers and put baby food in them "the poopy diaper". They have to guess (as a team or individually) what baby food it is. You'd be amazed at how many people smell or even TASTE the "poopy diaper"!

As for party favors... I just filled little baby blocks with mints.... but for prizes, since it's couples, you could do gift cards to restaurants or something like that.... for the guy game I gave a $10 Home Deport card! What guy doesn't love that?!

Good luck! I do cakes... if you need one!



answers from Dallas on

Have a baby bottle filled with candies like M&M's or skittles. Have each guest write down on a piece of paper their name and how many they think are in the bottle. You can have them take guesses as they come in. Whoever gets the closest to the right number, wins the bottle of candy!

I know a great one for the guys who want to participate in some games! Get some baby bottles and fill them with soda and have them line up and see who can chug them down the fastest.

Have a diapering contest, get two teams and have them line up and see who can diaper/dress the baby the fastest. Winning team gets the prize.

Have everyone partner up and give each team playdoh. Have slips of paper in a container and draw out a piece of paper that will have a baby item listed on it. Walk around and show it to the team member who will be sculpting the item. The other person who guesses it first wins. Do about ten of these and tally up the points to see who got the most points. Examples can be: bottle, pacifier, high chair, carseat, etc. It's amazing how fast they'll be able to guess!

A lot of guys may prefer to stand back and observe than play baby shower games, but the ones I suggested most guys will have fun playing.

Great door prizes, or prizes for winning are candy bars! Guys would prefer candy bars over the typical baby shower party favor any day.

I have some more baby shower game ideas on my website:

I also make diaper cakes for baby showers if you need a great centerpiece/ gift for the mom!

Good luck with the babyshower!



answers from Dallas on

The men at my baby shower got a kick out of the diaper game. Take 4-5 diapers and 4-5 different types of chocolate based candy bars. Number each diaper and melt a different candy bar in each one. Then everyone has to guess which candy is in each diaper. It looks pretty gross when they come out of the microwave, but the pictures are great (especially when they taste test!).

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