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Updated on February 05, 2013
B.D. asks from Pittsburgh, PA
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I am learning that sometimes you have to pay more to get quality. I am in the market for probably my third countertop microwave in 5 years so I obviously do not know what brand makes a quality micowave. It gets daily use both defrosting, heating, and reheating. Is there a newer model microwave that will go the distance (at least 10 years) with this kind of usage?

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So What Happened?

My sister mentioned the same thing about the outlet. A few years ago we actually moved it from one countertop to the other incase that was the case.

To be honest it looks like this is the nature of microwaves today because I looked at reviews of cheap microwaves and of expensive microwaves. Every stinking microwave seems to have a review stating that it concked out within 2 years, even the Consumer Reports "Best Buys". I'm a little disappointed. That could be why when I was supposed to be microwave shopping today I came home with everything else but... Part of me wonders if I should just adjust my lifestyle and go without (**gasp**).

Based on all of the reviews, I decided to go with one of Consumer Reports top picks and I paid $20 extra for the protection plan to that will guarantee a working microwave for 3 years. Based on the 2+ year longevity I read about, it seemed like the wisest way to go.

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answers from Tulsa on

I have a cheap basic GE model with only a turn knob. I bought it in college 11.5 years ago and it still works great. Only cost me $40. Less bells and whistles to break.

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answers from Washington DC on

We got a Sharp several years ago (I think we got it before DD so it might be 5+) and I expect it to last us several more years.

If you keep buying microwaves, I would look at your outlet and/or move it and see what happens. Ours gets used daily and if I was buying different microwaves every few years, I would start to wonder about my house, frankly. Our microwave was not hugely expensive.

Ours is silver, but this is close. We got it at Target and likely didn't even pay $100 for it.

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answers from Seattle on

Hm, I don't know. We have an "Emerson"... I am certain that it was cheap, we've had it since the first year that we've been married (and we were poor back then...). It gets daily use, is still in great shape and at least 9 years old now...
Good luck!

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answers from El Paso on

Well I can tell you my parents have had their "Radarange" microwave for longer than they've been married (30 years this March!). I don't know if the new ones of that brand are good or not. In fact, I didn't even know the brand still existed until this question and deciding to search for it. But, it does. Some of them are pretty pricey, but who knows. Maybe they still last 30+ years! :) Here's a link.

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answers from New York on

Nothing goes 10 years anymore! Those are the words of the appliance repair man!!! It is true. Big and small appliances just are not made like they were 40 years ago. I cannot recommend one because I have one installed above stove.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Maybe its your outlet. All of my microwaves have lasted. I usually replace them when moving or to upgrade but they have lasted and lasted.



answers from Cincinnati on

frigidare love my applances had this brand for 7 years in our old house andjust got new ones for our new house and got the new graphite that looks like stainless but isnt love them! The microwave can even cook frozen things like takes it from defrost to cook!

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