Could This Be Some Kind of Eating Disorder?

Updated on April 23, 2013
M.Q. asks from Perris, CA
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I've never really talked to anyone about this because it's pretty nasty, but I was just thinking that it wouldn't hurt to ask for your opinions! I've never had an issue with food, I eat lots of different kinds of food but nothing "too weird" like for example, my husband is Mexican and they make tacos out of cow tounge, cow head (I don't know exactly what part of the head) they eat pickled pigs feet and ears and I won't get near any of that stuff. I pretty much just stick to what I consider "regular" meat like steak, chicken, fish. So for a few years now, anytime I eat meat I picture where it came from and I usually end up not eating it because I get really grossed out. BUT sometimes food other then meat grosses me out too. The latest incident was about 5 days after my uncles funeral. I made a homemade spinach/ricotta lasagna with spaghetti sauce and lots of cheese on top, well the cheese got pretty burned (babysitter left it in too long) and turned a brownish color. I remember I was Sooooo hungry that day, served myself some lasagna and as I was eating it I was looking at the green/red colors and the brownish rubbery look of the cheese and related it to my uncles decomposing body. I wasn't able to take another bite!!! like I said, I've never had any issues with food, so why does this happen to me?? another thing is that if I do manage to eat some meat, I will trim off ALL the fat, I cannot stand the feeling of chewing soft squish meat. I'm really curious to see if this happens to anyone else??

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So What Happened?

BUG- I have a very sensitive sense of smell! it drives my husband crazy, especially when I was pregnant, my poor poor hubby!

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answers from New York on

I think that a lot of people don't eat meat because they are simply grossed out by it. And that's fine. Hey, whatever works/doesn't work for you is fine. As long as you're healthy.

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answers from Lubbock on

Some people are more sensitive to textures and smells when it comes to their food. These people are sometimes referred to as "super-tasters" and tend to be picky about what foods & textures they eat. It is not a eating disorder it is just something you need to deal with. Figure out which textures you prefer and stick with those for the most part, branching out as you feel comfortable. Totally not your fault.

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answers from Dallas on

I am so funny about texture of stuff. If it feels funny I just can't eat it.

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answers from Dallas on

I would say that's a sensory issue, and not any kind of emotional/mental body related eating disorder. Of course, this is just my opinion. Do you have any other sensory related quirks?

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answers from Seattle on

I would not even call it a "sensory" issue - but you simply have a healthy sense of GROSS.

Honestly I would bet that if all of us had to raise, slaughter and butcher the animals that we eat - many more people would be vegetarian. I eat meat and I would be vegetarian. The thought of slaughtering and butchering an animal grosses me (and generally a large number of people) out, and if you know how it is done on a mass scale it is even more gross. So I think that is perfectly normal and it does depend on your personality and socialization.

As for burnt lasagna... nothing that is burnt and rubbery is good for us to eat. Burning or charring food actually produces carcinogens...

Being put off but certain textures or smells is normal, I don't think there is anything wrong with you.
Good luck.

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answers from New Orleans on

Beef and pork usually gross me out also.
I went years not eating either; then some beef, but never much, and never often.
I didn't drink cow's milk for years - the smell of it just was unappealing to me one day - I starting drink organic milk a few months ago and love it.

So, eh, food comes, food goes - our tastes and our outlooks on food change over time.

Oh, and I have cooked entire meals, then not been able to eat them. Always freaks my son out when that happens. LOL

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answers from St. Louis on

Most people do that to some extent or another. I doubt the whole county has an eating disorder.

There is a black bean soup at a restaurant that I cannot eat. I know it tastes good, I have tried it, just so visually unappealing that I won't eat it.

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answers from Dallas on

I am very picky, but I find things I like and DO eat. I try my best to eat healthy, but since I know I don't eat enough fruits and vegies I take vitamin supplements.

If you are eating balanced meals and just avoiding things that gross you out I think you are okay. If you started eating very little that would be a different story. I think your issue is more about anxiety than eating.



answers from Philadelphia on

doesn't sound weird to me. I think most people have issues with some foods. Me, I haven't eaten red meat in about 24 years. For a while I was total vegetarian and when I got pregnant, I started eating chicken, turkey and fish again. I would 'prefer' not to, but I do. I am big animal lover so I feel like a hypocrite eating anything I consider my friend. There have been (a few) times that I have bitten something that had bacon or beef in it and I couldn't get that stuff out of my mouth fast enough. My husband will eat most things but he doesn't like cottage cheese because of the texture (I've heard this about many people). Honestly, you must have a strong stomach if you can tolerate the odd things your husband eats. If it were me, I wouldn't even eat anything that was sitting in the same fridge as tongue or ears or feet. But that's just me. My husband was given venison (ugh) one time and I would not let him cook it unless I was out of the house. Well, I wish I would have had him prepare it at someone elses house because when I walked in the house, the smell made me gag and it lingered for days. I wouldn't worry to much about it all. You look pretty normal next to me!


answers from Seattle on

I am a recovering Anorexic.

Almost died from it.

I was never one to have to be thin. For me it was a few other things.

One of which was a fear of food making me sick.

Meat was similar for me, as you described.

I dont eat meat regularly. When I do, it is prepared by someone else. And I am very picky about how and what of it I eat.

I wont eat in a buffet style setting. Unless I can get to the front of the line. I will wait to eat somewhere else if it is set up this way.

Yes it can be considered an eating disorder or aversion disorder. When it comes to the feel and taste of specific pieces of the fatty piece of meat can be a sensory thing.

I wont eat food I personally prepared. To the point, I have stopped cooking because that was allowing my Anorexia to take over again. To also help, I am on Paxil to help keep my appetite constant(as well as the fact that it helps with my PTSD and Social it has literally been my magic pill:)).

Unless you see a drastic change in your weight from this happening, I would not stress out too much. just avoid the stuff that you cant stand:)



answers from Los Angeles on

I am not a meat eater for reasons very similar to what you state. I just get so grossed out by the texture of meat. Since I was small. I would call myself a vegetarian except that I don't actually always avoid food with meat, I often attempt foods with meat in it because I like it and it sounds good, (eg chicken tacos, spaghetti with meat sauce) then l get all grossed out and start eating around the meat part.
I also love bacon, it is so salty and delicious... Until I get a gross piece in a restaurant and get all sicked out over it.
I also abhorred milk as a child. Just couldn't drink it. I couldn't take a gulp now either. The thought is really grossing me out. I do put it in cereal though.
But, I can't think of a single fruit or vegetable or grain whose texture or smell gets to me the way animal products do.

I relate to what you are saying here!



answers from Chicago on

OMG, I am the same way about meat! I could never eat it again, but I think its part of a balanced diet and it has a lot of protein, so I put my issues behind me and eat it. But I am the same way, I have to trim off all the fat and nasty stuff on chicken before eating it. Another food that grosses me out are eggs. It grosses me out thinking about what I'm really eating. I wouldn't worry too much about it!

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