Could This Be My Water Breaking?

Updated on October 29, 2010
V.W. asks from Rush City, MN
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I'm leaking something... But I have no idea what it is.

I lost my mucus plug last week. The leak is some what continuous, but it's not heavy... Meaning it's not dripping or gushing out of me, but it soaked through the crotch of my jeans in about 10 minutes and I had to put on a pad. It's a little more watery than normal vaginal fluids, but a little too thick for me to describe as 'watery'... If that makes sense.

When the clinic opens up I'm going to call and see if they think I should come in to get checked out (I'd rather get checked out at the clinic in town versus driving 45 minutes to the hospital I'm delivering at. Lol)

I'm scheduled to go in Monday morning at 6am to have my water broken if he doesn't come on his own before then, so it would really be a good thing if this was my water breaking... But I just don't want to get my hopes up.

All day yesterday, I was having contractions but they weren't consistent (The first hour or so they were between 5 and 9 minutes apart and then they stopped for 40 minutes... Then they started again and were between 7 and 14 minutes apart and then they stopped for half an hour... Then they started again and were between 5 and 14 minutes apart but after a while I just gave up timing them and went to bed because I was tired and they weren't consistent). I woke up a few times last night because of contractions, but was able to fall right back asleep. Now this morning my stomach and back are sore... The pain is constant so I don't think it's contractions. The pain is also dull, so I'm not too worried about it.

So... What do you think... Is it my water leaking or just an increase in vaginal discharge?

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So What Happened?

Well, I went in and got checked. It was not amniotic fluid... Sigh...

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answers from Minneapolis on

YEAH YEAH....... It's baby time..... Yes sounds like it is for sure what it is and in 36 hours or less you will be holding that beautiful baby in your arms..... So this morning get up, take a nic long hot shower. Eat a good breakfast. Get your bags ready and head off. If you want to go to the clinic first, then so be it, but they are just going to send you right over to the hospital. Get whoever you need to see after the pets as you will not be home for a couple of days, but DO NOT CALL everyone else. It will be a long day and theyy will spend the rest of the day calling you at the hospital. LOL! You are one of the 8% whose water breaks before going into active labor and this is okay. What you are describing is the "Norm". Most women get a constant trickle. When your water breakse, the baby's head blocks it from "gushing". The only women who get the gushes are women with small babies, women carrying multiples, women whose baby has not engaged into the pelvis, women whose baby is crooked in the womb or women who have premature deliveries. So your body is doing the right thing. Congratulations.... Have a safe labor and delivery experience and here is to a healthy baby!

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answers from Boston on

I'm gonna say YES your water broke!! LOL YEAH :-) mine started slowly and i was in denial - finished cleaning etc. then 2 hrs later was going to try to go the Market, but it was coming out ALOT then so i had no choice but to tell DH and head to the hospital. Once your water breaks there is no "protection" sealing the baby in and your more open for infections ! I would go !! GOOD LUCK CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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answers from Nashville on

I think you're gonna have a baby today! =0) Congrats!

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answers from Dallas on

Get in as soon as you possibly can. You could also have a slow leak of your amniotic fluid. You need to have that checked out ASAP.

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answers from New York on

Your water has broken. Call your doctor you're having a baby today (or tonight). Let them know as soon as the clinic opens or sooner if contractions begin to get hard. Some people don't have the "normal" contractions - which get progressively harder, shorter interval contractions - they just go straight to transition and then birth.

What's today's date? October 28, 2010. This could be your baby's date of birth!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Definitely sounds like you are leaking fluid to me. I'd call your doctor.

Congratulations!!! And good luck!!!

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answers from Saginaw on

Uh, my guess is it is your water. I've never had vaginal discharge leak through my jeans. And contractions come in all different forms. I'll bet your Dr will tell you to go to the hospital.

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answers from Houston on

I think you'll be meeting your baby soon. :)

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answers from Milwaukee on

That sounds exactly how my water broke with my first. It's not always that Hollywood gush of fluid. Go get it checked out because if your water has broken, they'll want to monitor you for infection.
Good luck!

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answers from Indianapolis on

I agree- it sounds like your water has broke, that's what happened with me, my water had a "leak" in it and I was having very slight contractions- well once they hooked me up to the internal monitor, they were spiking up to 9-10 but I wasn't feeling them until about 5 minutes before I felt like I had to push- it was a weird feeling- my body was just telling me to push- and the doctor came back and told me no way was I ready but sure enough, he checked and my daughters head was coming out! Sounds like you're going to have a baby today! Congrats!



answers from Minneapolis on

It sounds like it. I had that happen. I woke up and I was just a little damp down there. I called the dr. She didnt think I was leaking because I was just barely damp, but checked and I was leaking.




answers from Philadelphia on

My only experience with is a huge gush to the point of I knew it was my water breaking. I can't tell you that it isn't your water. I agree call the clinic and get in asap.



answers from Detroit on

Go get yourself checked. Your water has probably broken and if it has, they will most likely admit you to the hospital unless you want to deliver at home. Good luck!


answers from Sioux City on

Sounds like your water may have broke.



answers from Orlando on

I think it's your water breaking. When my water broke it wasn't a huge gush or anything. I felt like I had to go to the bathroom, and when I peed .... it's like I just kept "peeing" even though I wasn't. It was a slow trickle. Oh also I called my Drs office to see what they said and I got a recording that said "If you think your water may have broken go to the hospital" lol sure enough when I got there I peed in a cup and I guess they could test it to see if there was amniotic fluid and there was.



answers from Minneapolis on

I see you've already found out it isn't , but wanted to add my .02 anyways. With my second daughter I had the same exact experience...not a huge gush (like what happened w/ my first daughter) but a slight trickle that got worse when I stood up or walked around. I went in to get checked and my water had indeed broken and my little princess was born only a few hours later. So it can happen that way! Good luck!!



answers from Madison on

I know I'm answering this late, but I still think your water is leaking.



answers from Iowa City on

That is crazy that it was amniotic fluid. Did they tell you what they thought it was? I would have thought for sure you were going to go into labor. Anyway isn't all so exciting. I loved that time. Good luck with everything.


answers from Chicago on

Sounds like you are leaking amniotic fluid and it can be a dangerous situation for baby if it gets too low- go to your OB ... contractions or not.

Best wishes.



answers from San Antonio on

Sounds like it to me...mine broke and was barely a trickle...and not all the time. I had a appointment the following morning, so I decided to wait it out and see if labor started...because looking back I know it was my waters leaking, at the time I wasn't sure.

I started leaking at noon...I went into labor by daughter was here by 2am...would have been earlier but we had to wait on the doctor.

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