Could This Be Causing My Prolonged Mild Morning Sickness?

Updated on July 20, 2010
K.V. asks from Peoria, AZ
7 answers

So ealier in my pregg I have really bad morning sickness, lost 10+ lbs and went on zophran. It got a lot better and I have been off zophran for about 3 weeks now. Lately I have been getting sick in the morning. My allergies have been super bad in the noirning and I am waking up really nasaly with lots of drainage,a nd when aI get sick it is only mucus (sorry TMI). So could the drainage be what is causing my vomiting? And if so I wonder if I can take or do anyting to help make it less. Oh and I am 17 wks along

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answers from Austin on

Yes, the allergies could be causing that morning vomiting.

Get ready TMI..
I had morning sickness all the way through my pregnancy, even the morning I was in labor. I would get up, brush my teeth, vomit, brush my teeth and go on with my day.. It looked like bile and drainage, so hard to know the difference each morning..

I still get allergies with drainage in the morning and many times, end up vomiting..

You may just need to consider continuing the zophran and see if the drainage is still making you so nauseous..

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answers from Austin on

My allergies cause a little nausea even without being pregnant. That being said, it made both pregnancies much worse. I've been taking claritin for my allergies as recommended by my OB. I still have good and bad days depending on the allergens and hormones =)

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answers from Phoenix on

I continued to take Singulair for my allergies throughout my 1st pregnancy as they got horrible! I did not need them for my second as they got better with that one (probably due to the sinus surgery I had in between). Claritin is usually safe as well as Benadryl.



answers from Tucson on

Benedryl is one of the oldest and safest antihistamines around. Most OBs consider it safe during pregnancy. It also has the wonderful side affect of helping with nausea. During our daughter's rounds of chemotherapy, we learned that the oncology nurse's first choice to help stop the throwing up was Benedryl. Zofran works as a preventative, but not so good once the nausea/throwing up has set in. It's also short acting so if it's only in the morning when you need it, it will be worn off after 4-6 hrs. Best of luck.

~L. E.



answers from Phoenix on

I'm sure it can! Antihistimines to prevent the allergies from congesting you?? Try to let it get OUT of you, instead of inhaling or letting it get down your throat and into you?



answers from Washington DC on

You could also look at what you are eating ,dairy can make sickness worse. It for me in my 3rd pregnancy , as soon as I cut out dairy I felt so much better.



answers from San Diego on

Mucus could totally be causing you to have morning sickness. My husband always feels nausas when his allergies are bad.

To improve your allergies stop eating dairy. My husband's allergies have improved a 100% since he stopped eating dairy. He has not taken allergy meds in over 6 months. Its crazy because just a peice of cheese on a burger now and he will start to feel congested with in a few hours.

Good Luck!

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