Could My Bmilk Induce Lo's Cough?

Updated on July 30, 2010
J.R. asks from Washington, DC
4 answers

Dear Mommas, Funny question maybe: My 21 month old LO has a deep cough after he has bfed this past week. He had a stuffy nose from the air conditioning, but only coughs after bfeeding.

Anyone else experience this? Is there a connection between my bmilk and his cough? Or is it a coincidence.

Thanks in advance for your questions.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

Congrats on your nursing relationship!
I suspect the coughing is residual congestion that is loosened up by all the relaxing and swallowing involved with nursing. If the mucus in his nose is running down his throat, that could be irritating and cause the coughing, too. He would avoid sniffing and snuffling while nursing so he can breastfeed effectively, so perhaps it builds up and then he coughs to loosen it. The antibodies in your milk are helping to fight any infection that is trying to establish itself or hang around longer.
Best wishes!

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answers from Tampa on

Depends on what you are eating. Take a look.
best , k

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answers from Pensacola on

My boys cough more when they are laying down or at a similar angle. Drainage runs down their throats and tickles it. I would try some type of allergy med like Zyrtec (call your dr to confirm first) - not sure what dosage. Maybe you should ask your dr that too. It is probably just seasonal allergies. I would say that as long as he doesn't have any sort of fever, it's probably allergies. If he starts with any fever at all and still has his cough - go to the dr. That is a sign (for my boys at least) that it's in their lungs. My boys have had pneumonia 3 times and this is when I know it's time to go to the dr.
Best of luck!
Jen M.
Mom of 3 boys ages 6, 4, and 2



answers from Miami on

Could be acid reflux because of something you are eating. Food allergies as well.

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