Could Labor Be Around the Corner?

Updated on October 22, 2011
N.0. asks from Mobile, AL
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I know I ask a ton of pregnancy questions but this pregnancy has been completely different from my first! I am 34wks. I have lost my mucus plug a few days ago.The last few days I have been feeling a little weird. Not bad just weird if that makes any sense at all. I really have not had an appetite. I have been SO sleepy & acid re flux is killing me. My vagina has been really sore. I know it is not from sex. Also my nipples have become very sensitive and hurt. I feel like it won't be much longer. My mom said sometimes women can tell when they are getting close. I just am not sure if I am just so ready that I am exciting myself into thinking it won't be much longer. What do you ladies think? Am I coming to the end or am I just having a few off days.

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well 34 weeks is still too early, my first was a 35 weeker and it was a really fussy, colicky baby.
I know you must be tired of being pregnant right now (I'm 37 weeks and 5 days myself and soooo over it!) but if you start getting regular contractions I would go to L&D so they can give you medicine to stop labor.

I can tell you this, I was admitted for 9 days at the high risk wing when I was 35 weeks with this baby and they did give me a daily shot for the contractions. my symptoms of early labor were:
Contractions every 10 minutes for hours; not painful but I did feel them.
an urge to poop (sorry) even if almost always It was a false alarm, I spent a lot of my time sitting on the toilet waiting for something to happen :o)
Nipples were and still are really, really sore. I use the bra with the thickest padding to avoid any contact.

Right now at 37 weeks and 5 days I feel like a melon is about to fall from between my legs; my vagina is really really sore (not from sex either).
My butt feels like it's going to poop a melon too (OMG sorry for the TMI)
and I have a dull ache in my lower back all the time.
I also have BH contractions every 15 minutes or so for hours and then they stop. I do feel I am so close but who knows.

anyways I thought I'd give you details, even though gross LOL, so you can compare.
Good luck and have a H&H rest of the pregnancy!

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There's a medical milestone known as "done".

When you are TICKED OFF, furious, can't stand it any longer... you've got about 2 weeks left.

It's something that happens for the *majority* of women. My OB jokes that it's the body's natural response to counter fear of pain. By the time it's time you don't. even. care. anymore. because you are so sick and tired of being pregnant. It usually follows about a week of high-energy-excitement of "Soon! Soon! Soon!".

It's actually possible to track chemically (and high risk mama's DO have this process clocked chemically), but it's not usually necessary. 1 week of OMGs! And then 1 week of shortening patience/mood swings. And then 1 week of Aaaaaargh. Get. It. OUT already. Then 2 weeks until deliver.

Which would place you at 39 weeks / right on schedule. :)

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When I lost my mucus plug... I went into labor that SAME day.

You need to tell your Doctor, you lost your mucus plug. So that he/she knows... of what is happening and is fully informed.
Then be packed and ready to go to the hospital at any time.

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It's possible that you just lost a portion of your mucus plug. I wouldn't bet on having the baby within a couple weeks! I agree with Dawn B. Relax and let that baby cook. Congrats, you're in the final stretch!

Ugh, the first response to your question made me sooo glad I'm not pregnant!!!! I remember feeling like that....

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I lost my mucus plug and felt EXACTLY like you feel for about three weeks before my water broke and I went into labor. Hang in there...try to rest. :) Congratulations!



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I thought I lost my mucus plug with my first child but when I had my third I knew for sure I lost my mucus plug. I was in the shower and I was thinking what the hell is that. My water broke about 15 minutes later and I had my daughter within 12 minutes of getting to my hospital room.
I believe your body keeps generating more mucus so it can "grow" back. Check with your doc though:). Good luck for a quick easy delivery!

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