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Updated on August 02, 2007
K.E. asks from Lewiston, ID
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Hello all you moms of multiples,

I have recently found out that we are expecting our third child, and boy let me tell you! This pregnancy has been different! First off, I was extremely sick (so bad that I had to have someone take care of my other two while I lay in agony on the couch!) I literally could not get off the couch! My Dr. prescribed Reglan to help quell the nausea, and thank goodness that worked. However, I have noticed that my uterus is about halfway to my belly button, and I'm only 10 weeks today. I've been feeling lots of movement already, and I've also put on about 5 pounds, (not related to overeating, as I can barely choke water down at this point!) and I've had the worst indigestion/gas/and heartburn so bad that I've had to take prilosec to cure it. Tums won't even tough this stuff! And not to mention that my boobs have blown up to the size of blimps! So all that to say that this is by far the worst pregnancy that I've had, and I'm just a little worried that I may be having more than one. I know that each pregnancy is different, and all that, but I just can't shake this hunch! We go for our first ultrasound tomorrow and I'm just soooo anxious about it! Anyway, if any moms would give info on how their multiple pregnancies differed form singletons, I'd love to hear it! Thank you everyone.

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So What Happened?

So we went in for our ultrasound and it turns out that that we are indeed having twins! We are so excited, but also scared! I don't know how any of us are going to get any sleep. But as far as not knowing until today, I just had a hunch that I could not ignore.

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I went through the same thing. I had what they call hyperemissis
(extreme morning sickness) I had swelling, pain, hemorrhaging, the works. Dr said I probably was carrying trips but lost two and ended up with a 10 lb baby boy.

get an ultrasound done ASAP

They tried me on some of the anti nausea meds but they made me so tired and I noticed the baby slowed down also. I didnt like the feeling of them.
The morning sickness lasted through the whole pregnancy all the way through the c section. You may just be having a difficult pregnancy.

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I dont know about twins but I do know that sounds exactly like my last pregnancy and i cured it with swiss miss hot cocoa. That's all i could eat i was so sick and I too couldnt get off the couch. Congratulations by the way =)



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I have one year old twins and a just-turned four year old. I was so sick every minute of every day of the pregnancy with my oldest that I was on Phenergan just so I could get and keep something in my stomach. (They tried me on Reglan, but it was completely useless.) With the first pregnancy, my heartburn was so severe Tums was also completely useless. My OB wouldn't let me take Prilosec, but Pepcid Complete became my best friend. (And in the last trimester my OB gave me permission to exceed the dosage.) Twins run in my family and extreme symptoms like the nausea are the result of a whole lot of pregnancy hormones so everyone (including my OB) thought the first one was a twin pregnancy but it wasn't. My second pregnancy started out with the same severity of symptoms as the first, and it WAS a twin pregnancy. Fortunately, the nausea eased way back after the first trimester (which it did NOT in the first pregnancy) but the heartburn was just as severe. You're not feeling movement, yet. (Even with twins, you probably won't feel the babies move until close to the fourth month but as they get bigger it feels like you're carrying an octopus. My first son was in CONSTANT motion and I thought it was like carrying octopus, but my twin whirlwinds taught me different!) The movement you're feeling is almost certainly the result of your extreme gastro-intestinal distress. If I remember correctly, the Reglan doesn't actually quell nausea the way Phenergan does, it works to empty your stomach quickly (which usually helps reduce the nausea) so this is probably what's causing you to feel like your insides are doing the cha cha! I'm not sure about your weight gain. I'm trying to remember if I put on weight quickly, but I just don't know. My breasts and belly expanded rather dramatically very early on.

You don't mention your age, but women in their early thirties are more likely to have twins than at any other time. If you're around this age AND given the severity of your symptoms you might be entering the world of "moms of multiples!"

Are you really worried? As in, you're concerned about being pregnant with twins? I was worried too. Not about adding two more to my family, but I was scared about being on bed rest and having to neglect my oldest or having low birth weight babies who would spend months in NICU, etc. Happily, twin pregnancies are usually fine. They generally arrive at 36 weeks - which is earlier than a full-term baby but is NOT premature. (It's actually considered pre-term.) And you need to have VERY frequent ultrasounds to make certain the babies are growing at the same rate, but I had a very healthy pregnancy. I never ended up on bed rest. I went into labor just after the 36 week point and delivered 6 lb and a 5 lb 9 oz
boys who were perfectly healthy and who were ready to go home before I was! The first three months were harder with twins than with a singleton, but after that it gets easier. Now, that they are one year old it's actually easier than a singleton because they are so interested in playing with each other! If you find out you're having twins (or even if you're not), please feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions or concerns!



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Any history of twins in your family? Particlularly your father's side of the family? When I was pregnant with my son, I was told that twins (assuming you weren't taking lots of fertility drugs) are normally hereditary from the mother-to-be's father's side of the family. Just a little bit of info. Maybe it will help in some way. Good luck to you. Hope you feel better soon.



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If you're having indigestion and heartburn, it could be that you have too LITTLE stomach acid, like I did, not too much. The first time I had acid reflux was when I was pregnant. Try when you are nauseated and have acid reflux, try swallowing about a tablespoon of vinegar. Or eat a salad with homemade vinegar and olive oil (and salt) dressing. If your acid reflux is better, then that means you don't have enough stomach acid. If it's worse than you really have too much stomach acid. 80% of the cases of acid reflux it's because of too little stomach acid. So most people are taking the wrong medicine. Fresh squeezed Lemon juice instead of vinegar works very well as well for digestion! This is much better than taking drugs.

Also, Ginger B6 supplement for the nausea worked VERY well for me for the nausea. You can get that at Super Supplements or call around to the health food stores in your area.

In my last trimester of all 3 pregnancies I always had terrible nausea and weakness. Shots of vitamin B12 helped that immensely as well. Unfortunately MDs only receive about 4 hours of nutrition training in their entire medical training so that makes them underqualified in some areas. A good naturopathic physician while you're pregnant can go a long way to making you feel better.
None of these things will be harmful for your baby.

As for multiples, I don't know anything about that. Good luck, God bless you and your family.

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