Could I Be Pregnant on the Implannon After Pos. and Neg. Test Results

Updated on February 21, 2011
H.L. asks from Janesville, WI
5 answers

I have been on the Implannon since october a couple months after having twins. i had been having unprotected sex because i thought i was covered and it was with the father of my children. lately i have been having signs of pregnancy so i took some tests, out of 3 home tests the first was positive then the second was neg and the third was pos, i went and did a blood test also and that came up neg, but i am still having signs of pregnancy. Could i be pregnant if the results were neg for my blood test and if so would i be able to carry the baby full term? if anyone know anything or has had this happen to them please let me know what happened or what you think could happen.

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answers from Johnstown on

I was always told you can have a false -, but never a false +. I would say you are. I'd have them redo the blood test.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I agree with Erica M. completely. Wait a week and go have them re-do it. or go somewhere else for a second opinion. But you know your body best so i'd be taking prenatal vitamins and no drinking, etc. Assume your pregnant until absolutely positive otherwise.



answers from Omaha on

Could be a chemical pregnancy that is wrapping itself up. Could be just getting started pregnancy but pee sticks aren't near as accurate as blood. Blood is looking for HCG of 5 or higher. If you are below 5 then no you aren't pregnant. The only way those can be incorrect is a few medical conditions you'd definitely want taken care of. None of them is a viable pregnancy.

Take a test again in a week. If the pee test comes up positive go back to the doctor. They can do a quantitative HCG for you. If it comes up neg it was pry a chemical pregnancy and I'm sorry.


answers from Lincoln on

Not only redo the bloodwork but ask for an exam too. Just to make sure there's not something else going on either. I don't know anything about the implannon however I've always been told you can have false negatives but not false positives. So I would want to see the dr!



answers from Cleveland on

id go to your obgyn and have them take the implanon OUT because it is not good for baby if you are, i personally say you are because you got two positivies even though it is rare to get a false postive it can happen but i say you just got a false negative.

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