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Updated on February 21, 2008
S.G. asks from Mason City, IA
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My cycle is normally about 28 days, but I've never been real regular. I went through a period of about a year when I didn't get a period at all because of the birth control pill I was on. I was switched to Yasmin and the periods resumed. Currently, I am about 4 days late. I took a early response pregnancy test yesterday (actually two of them) and they both were clearly negative. I was reading the packet of info that came with the Yasmin pills and it said if you miss one period - continue taking your pills, but if you miss a 2nd period then test again. I'm afraid to start taking the birth control pills without knowing if I'm pregnant. The tests both very clearly said not pregnant. Has anybody experienced this? Were you pregnant?

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the responses. I called the doctor's office first thing Monday morning and talked to the nurse there. She said it's completely normal for the lining inside the uterus (the blood that eventually is your period) to diminish with birth control pill use. She said sometimes you may not have a period because the lining can be so sparse there is nothing to shed. She said to continue taking my pills. She said pregnancy tests are very accurate and considering I've now taken 3 of them I can be sure I'm not pregnant. I secretly have one more test stashed away for later this week though.

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answers from Minneapolis on

even the home pregnancy tests are pretty accurate. you could wait a couple of days, but honestly playing with your birth control pills can mess up your cycle also.

if your doubting the tests go to the doctor. 4-days late with an already inconsistent cycle really isn't very late.

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If you're not comfortable with resuming the use of your birth control pills, call your clinic and schedule a pregnancy test through them. A couple years ago I was about a week late and was convinced (despite about 5 negative pregnancy tests) that I was pregnant because I was usually very regular when on bc. It turned out that the pregnancy tests where right - I wasn't pregnant, and I think that worrying so much about whether or not I was only added to how late I was! Chances are really good that with two negative tests, you probably aren't pregnant, but schedule that appt with your dr - and if you don't want to do that, wait a couple more days - if you still haven't gotten your period, test again.

Good luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

You may want to wait- I took a test when I was a week late which was negative, but I wasn't feeling that things were quite right, so I took another test a week later and it was positive. You may want to check with your OB for advice...



answers from Omaha on

Hi, I am a student Nurse Midwife who is almost done with my clinicals. We use Yasmin in the clinic. It can make you miss periods because the uterine lining becomes very thin from the hormones it puts out and often you will continue to have no periods. It does not mean you are pregnant. However if you stop takeing the pill there is an egg just sitting there waiting for your hormone levels to drop from stopping the pills. You could quickly and easily get pregnant. I would advise to continue with the pill and do not stop. It you want to know for sure if you are pregnant you can always go get an Beta sub unit or HCG test done to find out. The test is a blood test and is simple walk in and walk of the clinic. It costs about $30.00. Good luck... R.



answers from Davenport on

i guess my first question is have u alot of stress in your life right now with going to school and having a 15 month old daughter. the answer to your question is yes i've done home pregnancy test before and it had shown i wasn,t pregnant and in fact i was but that was many years ago. today the test are much more better iif you think you are go to your family doctor and have a blood test done



answers from Omaha on

All I can say is yes it is possible that you're pregnant; however, it is probably unlikely. It just depends when and if you ovulated. Did you have any breakthrough bleeding during this cycle? If so, then you most likely did ovulate and it is possible that you're pregnant.

I've had 2 pregnancies in which I had several negative pregnant test (even at the doc's office) and I certainly was pregnant. I named those negative test Daniel and Peter. :)

It can take up to 7 to 9 days for implantation of a baby in the uterus. I was told by a doctor that once implantation happens then the hormone HCG goes up.

I recommend you wait a few more days and test again. I personally don't take the pill and will NEVER put artificial hormones into my body. I'm strongly against the pill for many reasons, but I can't tell you what to do.

I hope you have a positive outcome! :)

God Bless!



answers from La Crosse on

Hi S.. Your best bet would be to go to the doctor or to options and get a pregnancy test if you are afraid to take your pills. If you are not pregnant you could become pregnant by not taking your pills in the mean time. I took three tests in a month that were all negative but I was pregnant so you could very well be but maybe not. I also dont think it is good to take birth control while pregnant so I would find out as soon as possible. Good luck!



answers from Des Moines on

I would say that I would rather be safe than sorry. I would wait a few more days and then if you haven't started by your 7th day of being late I would contact my doctor and get a blood test HCG level which is more accurate and could tell you for sure. Otherwise starting the pill again you could increase your hormone levels and increase the risk in your pregnancy. Try not to worry about it because stress only makes your period stay away longer. Good Luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

If you took two early response pregnancy tests and they were booth negative I would say NO you are not pregnant. I was just 2 days late and took the test and it turned positive before I even had it out of my pee! I think yours would have should up if you were and it sounds like it could be normal with the medication that you are on. If you are still nervous make a Dr. appt and take a test there. It is more accurate and could ease your mind.



answers from Minneapolis on

Neither one of my tests came back positive until I was 2-3 weeks late. As hard as the wait is, I'd try to retest in about a week. Sometimes it just takes that long for your hcg levels to get up high enough for the test to pick up on.
As for the birth control pills, you could stop them and use alternate contreceptives until you are really sure and then follow the directions when resuming them as if you had just started them. I did that with my first because I was nervous of what the pills would do. On my second I didn't really expect it, so I was taking the pills all along.
I hope that helps and good luck!



answers from Lincoln on

Go to the dr and get a blood test done!!!



answers from Des Moines on

I'd go get tested by the doctor, and that may not be foolproof. I have a girlfriend who recently went to the doctor for her annual exam; she told him she thought she was pregnant. They ran the tests, and they came back negative. 2 months later, she still hadn't had a period, went back to the doctor, and found out she was indeed pregnant. 4 months pregnant!!! Now, she's due in April, but she's having complications, and already dilated to 3 cm. Personally, I'd go to the doctor and request a blood test, not a urine test.



answers from Lincoln on

You are very likely NOT pregnant. Because pregnancy occurs during ovulation and that is usually 7 days to 2 weeks prior to menstruation, by the time you are "late" it is late enough to give you an accurate reading on a pregnancy test, especially the new ones as they test earlier. I wouldn't worry too much about pregnancy. There can be an adjustment period when you change prescriptions which would cause your periods to be a little less predictible for awhile or even permanently if the hormone levels vary. Hope this helps!

L. (former nurse turned stay-at-home mom)



answers from Iowa City on

My sister had problems getting a positive response on a pregnancy test with her first child. She even went to the doctor's office and had one done there and it came back negative!! But she knew she was pregnant and just kept testing every week until she got a positive one. I'm pretty sure that is a rare occurence however. So I guess listening to your body is the first step. Are you showing signs of pregnancy? Are your breasts tender and sore, are you more tired than usual, any morning sickness?

An important thing to consider is if you are using the pill as birth control, and you don't take it, you could get pregnant if you're not already. And there have been plenty of babies conceived on the pill so I'm guessing continuing to take it couldn't be too harmfull. My sister had bad luck with pregnancy and her second was a pill baby. She was in denial so bad even with the morning sickness that our mom had to go get a pregnancy test and make her take it. It came back positive on the first try that time. Yasmin is a low dose pill so it shouldn't be too bad for the baby.

I however am not a doctor. If you're truly concerned, you should contact you OBGYN. They can do a beta HCG test that will tell them exactly how much of the pregnancy hormone you have in your system. And he/she will also have better advice about whether or not you should continue on the pill. Good luck!



answers from Appleton on

Hi S.
I have gotten pregnant twice on Birth Control Pills. I never missed a pill,ever, same time every day, not on antibiotics. Once on Ortho tri cyclin, and once on yasmine. I had an ectopic on the yasmine. I had no reason to take a pregnancy test with my 1st pregnancy because I still got my period, and I didn't think I could get pregnant on the pill, taking it properly. Honestly, a blessing in disguise. I continued to take the pill for approximately 3 to 4 weeks until I found out I was pregnant. No harm was done to my beautiful girl. When I was on Yasmine, I was getting my period, so I thought, right on time from when I should get my period, however, there was horrible pain. Long story short, it was a devastating loss for me, I had an ectopic pregnancy. I am now using Mirena, it's an IUD, and so far working very well. Its good for 5 years, if you wanna get pregnant, you just go in and Dr. takes it out. I did in fact take 3 pregnancy tests on the yasmine, because I just felt "weird", they all showed negative, and when I had the ectopic they guessed me to be about 4-6 weeks, maybe more. My advice to you is to call your Dr. Did you just start the Yasmine? I know when I first started it my period was all over the place. 4 days early one month, 4 late the next month, it takes a while to regulate your system. I would say to wait about a week and if you dont get your cycle, go in for a blood test, I am certain the pill will not hurt your baby for a short period of time, the Dr. told me they just dont want you to be on it for a while when pregnant because long term could cause damage. Like I said I was taking my pill until I was 6 weeks pregnant, and shes perfect. Hope this help a little.
Good Luck
If you have any questions about the Mirena, just let me know



answers from St. Cloud on

I would look up something called PCOS. Poly cystic ovary syndrom, it affects your period quite a bit. I hope this helps you.



answers from Cedar Rapids on

Dear S., the only real way to know is go to the doctor. But since your pills say wait till next period. If you are sure you were not pregnant before starting the pills. I would wait. I ended up pregnant when i was on the depo shot. I was a month and half into my shot and the only way i knew i was pregnant was i had morning sickness. I ended going to the doctor it was the only way i knew for sure. I tried the at home test same as you i took two. One was + and the other came up -. But my suggestion is get checked by doctor if your not sure. But as for my daughter shes in great health she was born a little early but shes six now and everything i a ok. Good luck J. b.



answers from Sioux City on

The very same thing happened to me. I kept taking the pill and had a miscarriage. Had I known for sure I was pregnant, I would have stopped taking it.



answers from Sioux Falls on

I would consult with my OB/GYN if I were you. I took home pregnancy tests with my son and all came out negative. I t wasn't until after missing my second period and having the classic signs of pregnancy that I went to the doctor who then confirmed my pregnancy. I'm not saying you are pregnant but to ease your mind give your doctor a call!

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