Could I Be Pregnant? - Aurora, IL

Updated on February 03, 2008
J. asks from Aurora, IL
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OK, here is the story. I had a very difficult time getting pregnant and ended up going through IVF. We have a beautiful daughter from our first attempt at IVF, we are very lucky. One month after I stopped nursing, I got pregnant on our own. Surprise! We have a beautiful boy. I am one of those people that by 3 months after I deliver I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight or even less. I am small, about 100 pounds. I don't eat a lot of junk, in fact I sometimes forget to eat because I am busy with my kids. I have been weaning my son (from nursing) and I am now done. For the past 2 months I have started to look pregnant. I feel I look 3-4 months pregnant now. I had 2 normal periods, then my last one I was 2-3 weeks late. I took 2 pregnancy tests and they were negative 1 month ago. I ended up having my period about 3 weeks ago. However, I am continuing to look even more pregnant, but I don't have any symptoms except moodiness and exhaustion. I am in between OB/GYN right now, mine left and started up her own practice. I have an appointment in February with my new one. Ok... so has this happened to anyone. I never gain weight rapidily. What do you think? Has anyone ever been pregnant and not known or continued to have a period. I realize I need to go to the doctor, but while I am waiting, any ideas?

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answers from Jacksonville on

I work with a lady who didn't know she was pregnant until she was 5 months along. She still had normal periods. It isn't an impossiblity. I'd see the doc asap!



answers from Chicago on

You might be, but I would ask your regular doctor to check your thyroid levels. Rapid weight gain can be a symptom of hypothryroid.



answers from Chicago on

Hi J.,
I am an Ob/Gyne nurse and if you were my patient I would tell you that for the most part, home pregnancy tests are very reliable. Most of them will detect pregnancy as early as 3 weeks after intercourse. Take another one this weekend - and remember that even a very faint line is a positive result.

However, because of your unusual symptoms, I would advise an appointment with your doc. It really does sound like your uterus is growing but you need an exam and/or blood test to find out for sure. If you prefer to see someone right away, contact me and I am sure one of the docs at my practice could get you in on Monday or Tuesday.
Good luck!!



answers from Muncie on

This happened to me. I didn't know I was pregnant until I was nearly 5 months. I had no skipped period, no mood swing, no morning illness. From what I have found it seems more common in larger women, but I don't see why it couldn't happen to a smaller woman. Growing up my periods were very irregular so the pill helped regulate me, from what my doctor could figure it kept me so regular that while I was pregnant it continued to cause my body to have light periods. My regular was about 5 days, my pregnancy ones were 3 day at the most.

Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

I've heard of women not knowing they are pregnant for 5 or 6 months. And I also had a coworker who's daughter was 4 months pregnant and with periods before she found out she was pregnant.

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