Could I Be Pregnant? - Delaware,OH

Updated on May 09, 2007
E.K. asks from Delaware, OH
6 answers

I am experiencing signs of pregnancy, but have taken 2 pregnancy test and they were both negative...and taken 1 week apart. I have periods of nausea, some vomiting, and I'm always tired. My last period was on March 24, and last for 4 days. I haven't had one since. I usually get terrible cramps three days leading up to my period, I got them one day..but still no period. Could I be over-reacting? Or, could I actually be pregnant? Any advice or tips would be great!

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answers from Columbus on

You know your body the best, so definitely get a 3rd opinion, so to speak. I went through the same periods were always regular, and I always got signs right before I started. The time I didn't, even after using BC, I took a test and it was neg. So, I had to go to my gyno and, sure enough, I was pregnant. So, just call up your dr. and you will know for sure. Everyone is different, so your levels may not be detectable right off the bat for a postive.



answers from Youngstown on

Well, there are a few things to consider first. Did you have sexual intercourse around teh days you were fertile? If you aren't sure of those days go to and you can go to preconception and there is a link to enter some info and it will ive you a list of the days you are most likely to conceive. Second do you always have a normal cycle? Third are you using any form of birth control? If you answered yes to the first two questions and even a yes to the last could possibly mean yes. I would definitely get a call into your doctor, or clinic. Home test do not usually give a false positive, but they do quite often give a false negative result. If you are experiencing signs of pregnancy I would not hesitate to get a blood test done! Good luck, and CONGRATS if you are!!!!!



answers from Cleveland on

Hi E.,

I did not have time to read all the repsonses so sorry if I repeat anything, but I was told by my doctor that pregnancy tests can produce fals negatives but not false positives. I would go to the doctor and get a blood test. Good Luck and perhaps congrats!



answers from Cincinnati on

Go to your doctor and get a blood test.



answers from Toledo on

Hello E.. It is very possible your are expecting or not. I would have a blood test done to find out for sure. I thought I was pregnant with my 4 y/o when I was only a few weeks along, prior to missing my period. I had to go have a blood test done b/c the home test kept saying "no" and I couldn't think of any other reasons for my syptoms. Best of Luck and Congrats on your up-commin Marriage, ohhhh it is sooo close :)



answers from Toledo on

I had the same issue when I was pregnant w/ my son. I took them at night, before going out, b/c I had planned on drinking and didn't want to if I were pregnant and TWO also came out negative. But the third did not! I took it in the morning, with my first pee of the morning. Try that, b/c it does say in the directions that that's your best bet at getting the most accurate result. And, if it's still negative and you seriously think you are then make an appointment. Good luck! =)

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