Could I Be Pregnant?

Updated on February 26, 2008
S.H. asks from Toledo, OH
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Ok, so you think after 2 kids I would know if I was pregnant or not, right? Well, I am on the fence about this. There are reasons I would say yes, and reasons I would say no. I think I just need to hear some other opinions. Here is what is going on:

I was on the Nuva ring. It costs me $40 each month to get it. The last one happened to be needed 4 days before my payday, needless to say, I was out of B/C for 4 days. Yes, we had you know what.....That was over a month ago. I was told that on the ring you could "reset" your monthly to be every other month, which sounded great to me. Now, my period was set to arrive around the 15-16 of this month, I am usually like clockwork. Here is why I say yes, I could be pregnant:
1.- Unprotected whoopie
2.- Still no period
3.- Sleepy constantly
4.- Swollen, tender boobs (area around nipples has gotten larger too)

I say no because:

1.- Just spent $2 grand on car repairs (that qualifies as lots of stress!)
2.- Started school 3 weeks ago (ontop of a normal 40 hour job) and that schedule
that may be catching up with me.
3.- Kept the ring in until this past Friday trying to reset my period.
Now the only thing with that is there was no spotting, leaking, nothing
that would even suggest my body was trying to have a normally scheduled
period. Does that make sense?
4.- No morning sickness, which I know can go either way.

I know I could simply just go and buy a test but I really don't trust them as the first time I was pregnant 3 DIFFERENT ones told me no and I sure was. Just thought maybe some of you ladies could give me a little feedback. Thank you in advance for all of your thoughts.

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answers from Cincinnati on

Hi, Stephy...Well I know little to nothing about the Nuva Ring, but it sounds like you are pregnant. I know what you mean about the home preg. tests, I don't trust them either. I have had them read negative when I was pregnant! Sounds like you should go see your OB/GYN! I had morning sickness with some of my pregnancies but not all of them. I also experienced dizziness, lightnedness and headaches in the first few weeks of pregnancy...some things to keep in mind and look out for!
Tender breasts is a really good indication of pregnancy but it can also be a symptom of your period, you need to find out for sure. The earlier the better for you and the baby too...if your pregnant, that is!
Well, good luck...which ever way you are hoping this will go.

D. R. :)

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answers from Lafayette on

I would call my Dr. and ask to have a blood test. About 17 months ago, I just knew I was PG. I wanted another baby, I missed my cycle, had sore breast, and other symptoms that can signify pregnancy. The pregnancy test said neg. and the blood test came back neg. To be honest, I was very disappointed. On the other hand, I was going through a lot of stress. I has having a severe flair-up of pain from injuries received in a car accident about 8 yrs. before. I missed 2 months of my cycle and I had been off my birth control for approx. 5 months. My Dr. told me that stress can cause a lot of symptoms similar to pregnancy.

I, myself, would get a blood test done to know for sure before starting the birth control again.

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answers from Jacksonville on

Just to be safe I would take the ring out and go get a pregnancy test. If you don't trust at home tests, call your doctor. Either way, you need to take the ring out until you know for sure!

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answers from Mansfield on

Hi Steph! I am like you and am like clockwork. . .I was neve late unless I was pregnant. . .however, about 2 years ago I was actually one week late once because of stress and sickness. So, I guess I am saying that stress could be a factor here. However, you know your body best and if you have any suspicion that you might be than I guess I would suggest trying a home pregnancy test again just to make sure(I recommend First Response. .they work the best), even though they aren't aways right it might make you feel better. . .or like another response said, have your doctor test the HCG (simple blood test). . .they should be able to tell you within 24 hours. Anything that tests above 5 is considered to be pregnant. Or if you call your doctor's office they might be able to tel you what they think you should do! Hope this helps and good luck!. . .Oh, and if it is stress, than I suggest a day at the spa!:) We could all use that once in awhile!!

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answers from Terre Haute on

I would say it is stress.... but if you feel like there could be a chance that you are.... do what I did since you don't like the at home testers. I went to the doc and asked for a blood test to be done. You will know that day or the very next day. I always ended up prego when my boobs hurt..... lol you could also be hurting because you are stressed out so much. Sounds like you have a lot going on in your life at the moment. Plus you have to give your body time to adjust to the ring thing you have and trying to adjust your monthly cycles. It is up to you if you want to wait a week or two longer or to go sooner to get a blood test done. That is the only way I knew for a fact that I was prego. I was one I never wanted to wait to know.

Good luck if you are!!
And good luck in school ect. Just try not to stress out to much.

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answers from Youngstown on

I would wait a few more days to see if "Auntie Flo" arrives. It sounds like with stress and b/c schedual change that you could have just wacked yourself out. Also was your whoopie :) right after your period? Most women dont ovulate until about 2 weeks into their cycle so if your period was just over than your probably ok.And your symptoms could also be pms. Before you start a new ring though I would take a test just to be on the safe side. good luck- I just had baby #3 who was a "suprise" and I'm so glad I did- so if you are it may be a blessing you werent expecting!

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