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Updated on January 26, 2012
N.R. asks from Dallas, TX
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mY 17 month old has a nasty cough, you can hear it all in his chest and he is no fever, but I didnt know if there was any over the counter cough medicine I could give him to help get rid of this!! It keeps him up at night, and I can just tell he is miserable... I have a humidifier going in his room 24/7, but not sure if thats helping.... so thought I would try this, because I always get awesome answers!!! thanks......

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So What Happened?

So we just got back from the Dr and he has RSV and Strep throat!!! Dr said it is going around like crazy!! We have to do breathing treatments every 4-6 hrs and he is on a steriod, and antibiotics for the Strep!! So mamas beware, if your child has any symtoms, including a cough, watery eyes and nose, take them in!!! Its more than likely not just a cold and rather be safe then sorry!!! cause its nothing to mess around with, they noticed that he might have strep because his face was flushed as well, so he is extremely sick!! thanks for the tips and lets pray for a speedy recovery!!!

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I would take him to the pediatrician. He may have allergies and may need to have some breathing treatments to break up the congestion in his chest.

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I would try vicks on his chest and feet. Just make sure that he has a shirt or something that keeps his chest fully covered and put socks on his feet. At that age I don't know what you can give him over the counter it's been too long but I do know that Vicks works really well!

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Check with the pedi about dosage but mucinex is wonderful. It will quiet that cough and loosen the junk up in his chest. Good luck mama!

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Did you take him to the Pediatrician????

Coughs, originate from:
1) Sinus post-nasal drip
2) the chest
3) or both.

You really need to take him to the Doctor.
Unchecked lung/chest issues, can get worse... or Damage the lungs. This happened to my Mom who didn't go to the Doctor right away with a lung issue. She had mucus and coughing, too.

What if it is Pneumonia?
Or Bronchitis?
Or Asthma?
Only a Doctor can diagnose this.
And if given over the counter things, you wouldn't know if it will be harmful on a child that young.
And, over the counter things, are NOT "cures." It only alleviates, symptoms.
And, if he has in infection of some kind, you wouldn't know that unless you see a Doctor.

How long has he been sick?
You really need to take him to the Pediatrician.

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If there is no fever, and it always gets worse at night, then you're looking at a basic viral issue in which just time and making him comfortable is the answer. I like children's Chestal with honey. It's been shown that honey works better than any of those medications out there for cough--especially with kiddos! Try a teaspoon of honey (local and raw) before bedtime and see how he does. If you need something else, or if he doesn't sleep through the night without waking up coughing, then try the Chestal with honey. Here's a link to the website:
Hope this helps!



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Have you taken him to the Dr? My friend's son had the same symptoms, and ended up it was RSV (virus that causes a severe cold). He was put on breathing treatments, which finally stopped the coughing and allowed him to sleep.



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My 15 month old just got over rsv last week. Same symptoms. Not much they can do for it but at least you will know. Maybe ask for a chest xray also just to be safe. The nebulizer treatments worked wonders for my sons cough.



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Our pediatrician recommends Lithy Tree. It's available at Sprouts in Frisco. It's in liquid form that can be added to his drink. We've had some luck with Hyland's honey cough syrup too.



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I would take him in. My daughter had a cold last week without fever. I thought it would run its course, but I ended up having to take her to the dr. The cold (nasty cough) has turned into an upper respiratory infection. There is something going around....


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If you can hear it in his chest, I would suggest taking your child to the doctors. Most likely if their is congestion in the chest, they will prescribe a nebulizer treatment that will help rid the lungs of the infection. You don't want to wait on this, trust me. My son had pnemonia..despite the coughing, he had no other symptoms. I wouldn't have known it unless I took him into be seen ..


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Try a table spoon of honey before bedtime, it's a natural remedy that works pretty well. Our pediatrician recommended over-the-counter kids cough syrup Delsym for our child the last time she had a nasty cough that kept her up at night. I just checked online and one site said that the child must be over 4 years old, but Dr. Sears' site said "check with your doctor" for the age of your son. May be worth a call to your pediatrician.

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