Costco vs Sam's Club Diapers

Updated on August 18, 2011
N.W. asks from Woodridge, IL
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I am trying to decide if I want to try Costco or Sam's club brand diapers...which do you prefer; and what has been your experience with either brand?

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So What Happened?

...I ended up ordering through amazon a box of pampers (size 3, 222 diapers) for $30. That is even cheaper than both Costco and Sam's club...but because that was promotional, I think when it is time to restock, I'll go to COSTCO...

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answers from Chicago on

Never used either diaper but Costco baby wipes are the best!!! I wish the box wasn't so big (kids not in diapers anymore) because I loved having them in the car when I need to clean hands/ faces.

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answers from Chicago on

Costco is made by Huggies, so if you like Huggies and they work for you, Costco is good bet. I personally hated Huggies and they leaked for us, but I know other people who swear by them. I'm not sure who makes Sam's, but it's a good bet it's the same as whatever the private label brand is in Walmart stores (though I used to work with a guy who formerly worked for Kimberly Clark and supplied the generic diapers for Walmart). So, if you wanted to try them out first before committing to a big box, you could get a smaller package at Walmart.

Personally, I've really like Pampers for my kids. I use Baby Dry during the day (since it's cheaper and the diapers are getting changed for frequently) and Cruisers at night since they're more absorbent for the overnight hours.



answers from Dallas on

Costco for us. I hated the Sam's brand. They leaked like mad. Sam's wouldn't take them back when I tried to return them. With Costco you can try them and if you don't like them, return the unused ones for a refund. We didn't need to return them. Kirkland diapers are made by huggies.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Costco, Costco, Costco. Did I mention Costco? They are the BEST diapers. I liked them way more than Pampers, Luvs, Huggies and all the store brands.


answers from Norfolk on

COSTCO! I also love Luv's diapers--they're exactly like pampers but cheaper. They're even cheaper than the Kirkland diapers. They're super soft, absorbent, and i've never had a leak with them (and i put them on my daughter for overnight also--12+ hours and NO leaks)



answers from Rockford on

I have never used the Costco diapers, but when my daughter was in diapers we only used the Member's Mark Sam's Club brand. We had some family give us boxes of Huggies, which I hated, they leaked like a sieve. I had no major leaks or blow outs with the Sam's brand. I believe my husband's cousin uses the Costco brand and really likes them. (I could be wrong, but I think that's what she told me)


answers from Orlando on

I used SAMs brand when my son was small and they were ok...they leaked sometimes at night



answers from Chicago on

I like luvs the best but will try costco with their $5 off coupon!



answers from Chicago on

Sadly, when I used "house brand" diapers I usually regretted it. They may be cheaper, but they are typically less absorbent, therefore, you don't save money because you go through them twice as fast.

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