Costco Vs. Sam's Club!! - Clearwater,FL

Updated on April 20, 2011
S.Y. asks from Clearwater, FL
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Hi moms...I have a Sams membership...but thinking of going to Costco.. its just easier to get to. Just wondering what my moms think :) I usually only get like paper towel, toliet paper, water at Sams...those are the MAIN things. Also, is Costco like sams in that you only pay onec a year??

Thanks :)

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So What Happened?

LOL...THANK YOU LADIES....I THINK ITS COSTCO BY A LANDSLIDE!!!! Thats awesome since it is so much closer to me!!!! YAY!

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answers from Dallas on

Costco all the way.

Higher quality products, cleaner store

I go out of my way to avoid a Walmart/Sams due to thier horrible business practices.

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answers from State College on

I prefer costco since they are geared more towards the home owner and not the business. Many of the large packages have smaller portions and not just one giant one. Bjs is my favorite of the three. You can usually go in to just look around and that way you can check prices and compare prices.

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answers from Seattle on

I have never been into a SAMS club. Only because It is not close. I would never give up my costco card again though. We had cut it from the budget because fifty bucks last summer was too much for us to renew right when we needed to. AS SOON AS we got our tax returns this year though that was the first place I went to do so. I can spend the whole afternoon just wondering. I am sure SAMS is just the same. I love all the kirkland brand products though to. My other reason for shopping with costco over SAMS is that it is a local company for us here in washington state. So i try and support them even though they are not exactly the mom and pop stores...I still believe in keeping my money somewhat local. big named or not. You can get a day pass to try it out and see how well you like it I believe that way you can make a more informed choice!!

Costco has a memeber fee you pay once a year. A regular memebership is $50. A business account through them is a bit more. You get coupons in the mail every month or two though that you can use. With them they usually will buy more then one of the items and still get the coupon amount off. So say they have a coupon for $4 off a bulk packages of pizza, the coupon will say limit two or limit four. Some though have no limit and you can buy as many as you want for the $$ off the price.


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answers from Raleigh on

I just looked it up, and you have a BJ's Wholesale in Tampa (I don't know where you go now for Sam's/Costco), but they would be my choice. BJ's is identical to both, but the perks are that you can use coupons there AND that they send you coupons in the mail. I have gone in and bought 60 bags of PopSecret popcorn for $5 with all of my coupons. They always have coupons for what you buy (paper towels, toilet paper, etc.) and again, you get to double up when you bring your own coupons as well! If you do drive in to Tampa now for things anyways, I suggest looking there too!

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answers from Miami on

Costco, Costco, Costco!! Costco has great diapers and wipes if you are in the market for those. My daughter has VERY sensitive skin and allergies and their wipes are unscented and great. They also carry a HUGE variety of organic foods and even their Kirkland brand of clothes sometimes offers organic cotton clothing. I LOVE Costco!!



answers from Sarasota on

When I moved to Sarasota I got a Sam's Club membership because we don't have a Costco. I miss Costco and can't wait until next year when we are supposed to get one. I significantly prefer Costco. They offer a better selection of meat and food products I prefer.



answers from Tampa on

Actually I had the same question!


answers from Houston on

Costco----the food is of a better quality, or at least you have better quality options.



answers from San Antonio on

We LOVE Costco - the food is better (IMHO), and the coupon deals they send out monthly can't be beat!



answers from Tucson on

Hi! I like Costco better, but it's a choice you have to make. We get the same things as you, plus lots of meat for the freezer, and fresh fruits and veggies. Yes, you pay once a year at Costco, too. I think easier sounds better, LOL, so that clinches it for me... I think they'll give you a "day pass" to try it?? Maybe a friend will take you if you want to just check it out?? Good luck and happy shopping!



answers from Boston on

Costco is the best!!



answers from Clarksville on

I love costco. I moved 18 months ago, when I got to my new house I bought two boxes of their store band garbage bags and haven't bought bags since. I also bought 2 packages of their toilet paper and it lasted me 8 months vs. 1 month for one package at Sams. We are a family of 4, so to me there stuff goes a lot farther and cost less.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Team Costco here...just a much better vibe IMO.



answers from Kansas City on

We've had both--depending on where we've lived. Right now I have Costco. I like Costco a little better. The paper goods, cereal, ketchup, etc are the same. I think Costco's bakery is a little better and their seasonal section (clothes, toys, Christmas decor, etc) is better.

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