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Updated on February 06, 2008
D.G. asks from Spring, TX
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Does anyone have a good knowledge of the availability of organic produce & other organic products at Costco? I'm considering a membership there & those purchases would be my only reason for going. So, is it worth it?


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I have been a costco member for a very long time and they do have many organic items.they carry lots of really good quality can go there and get a temporary pass and look around if you want.remember the stores are not all the same they carry differnt items some times.they are also not affiliated with sams club, that is ran by walmart.i hope this helps you.

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Hi D.,

I don't know about Costco, but I just bought a membership to

They are a local farm that sells organic produce and delivers it right to your front door.

:-) H.

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I don't have a membership to Costco, but I do use their pharmacy. You can use their pharmacy and walk around and look to see if they have what you are looking for. Actually, there was a report that says that the charge on prescriptions is lowest at Costco, so you can save a little money on your scripts and figure out if you want a membership at the same time.

Good luck!



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I would definitely get a day pass to go check it out. We have a membership and love it but we don't solely buy organic products so I couldn't tell you if it would be worth it for just that.



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Costco will allow you to walk around with a day pass. Try that to see if you like it.



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Costco used to carry a lot more organic and natural products. We only buy organic or natural, minimally processed foods and I have been very dissapointed to see each time I go back, they have stopped carring the items we buy. You can try it out risk-free and always able to cancel your membership for a refund.
I find Kroger Signature Stores are just as good, sometimes better, on prices and selection of organic/healthy foods. You might check that out or find a local farmers market for locally grown produce. Good luck!
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Hi D.,

I do have a membership at Costco and was thrilled when they started stocking organic products. They don't have a lot of things, but I have generally been happy with what I've gotten there. Here's a list of what comes to mind...

Frozen mixed veggies - 5 lb resealable bag, about $6.00 They are great, my 3 year old askses for them!

Pacific Natural Foods - 6 pack of quart stocks or soups, about $10 - way cheaper than $3.00 each at Central Market or Whole Foods! Just wish the packaging was recyclable.

Organic Pasta - great bargin if you eat a lot of it.

Some Newman's Own organic juices

They have their house brand of organic milk but it only is sold in 3 1-/2 cartons. We'd never be able to use it before it expired.

They also sell Silk Soymilk and some Horizon milk drinks in smaller lunch-boxsized packing.

They have a brand of organic pasta sauce that I tried, but didn't care for the flavor.

They have organic frozen blueberries for a very reasonable price - great for smoothies.

They have 5 lb resealable bags for organic baby carrots for $5.00 - half the price of buying the 1 lb bags.

Stoneyfield Farm Organic Yogurt - 12 6 oz cups for $8.00 6 blueberry, 6 strawberry.

Most of the other (limited) fresh organic produce comes in too large of quanties for me to buy. I will get the conventional avocados though. I have never gotten a bad one in many years of buying them. I have found that Super Target has good prices on Earthbound Farms Organic produce.

I know they have other stuff like peanut butter and jams.. I would also suggest you do a day pass and check out what they have. I don't know if Sam's has any greater selection, but I am not a fan of the Walmart Clan so Costco's selection is fine for me.

Are you aware of the list of top 12 fruits and vegetables to alway buy organic and the 12 fruits and vegetable that it's OK to get conventional? If you aren't, I'll send you that list or a link to it. Now I am going to check out the efarms link that one of the other moms sent to you. Good luck! N.

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